Experiments with polarized 3He at MAMI

Rohe, D.

In: The European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei, 2006, vol. 28, p. 29-38

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    Abstract.: Experiments with polarized 3¯He at MAMI have already a long tradition. The A3 Collaboration started in 1993 with the aim to measure the electric form factor of the neutron. At this time MAMI was the second accelerator where experiments with 3¯He were possible. Some years before this pilot experiment the development of the apparatus to polarize 3He in Mainz started. There are two techniques which allow to polarize sufficient large quantities of 3He. Both techniques will be compared and the benefit of 3¯He for nuclear physics will be discussed. A review of the experiments done so far with 3¯He at MAMI will be given and the progress in the target development, the detector setup and the electron beam performance will be pointed out