Short Timescale Core Dynamics: TheoryandObservations

Finlay, C. ; Dumberry, M. ; Chulliat, A. ; Pais, M.

In: Space Science Reviews, 2010, vol. 155, no. 1-4, p. 177-218

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    Fluid motions in the Earth's core produce changes in the geomagnetic field (secular variation) and are also an important ingredient in the planet's rotational dynamics. In this article we review current understanding of core dynamics focusing on short timescales of years to centuries. We describe both theoretical models and what may be inferred from geomagnetic and geodetic observations. The kinematic concepts of frozen flux and magnetic diffusion are discussed along with relevant dynamical regimes of magnetostrophic balance, tangential geostrophy, and quasi-geostrophy. An introduction is given to free modes and waves that are expected to be present in Earth's core including axisymmetric torsional oscillations and non-axisymmetric Magnetic-Coriolis waves. We focus on important recent developments and promising directions for future investigations