Additions to the knowledge of Urumaquia robusta (Xenarthra, Phyllophaga, Megatheriidae) from the Urumaco Formation (Late Miocene), Estado Falcön, Venezuela

Carlini, Alfredo ; Brandoni, Diego ; Sánchez, Rodolfo

In: Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 2008, vol. 82, no. 2, p. 153-162

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    We describe new remains ofUrumaquia robusta Carlini, Brandoni & Sänchez, 2006, which significantly improve the knowledge of the species and allow a more precise discussion about the relationships with the rest of the South American Megatheriinae. The new remains (ulna, phalanx, femora, patella, tibia, astragalus, navicular, metatarsals IV-V) described here suggest close affinities of this taxon with the species ofPyramiodontherium and withMegatheriops rectidens, based on morphological similarities of the ulna (length, gracility), femur (general morphology, shape of the medial margin), and astragalus (angle between the discoidal and odontoid facets). In fact, the shape of femoral medial margin is a shared derived character amongUrumaquia, Pyramiodontherium andMegatheriops. However, and despite the increasing information concerning Tertiary species, their phylogenetic relationships are only partially understood