The use of flat panel angioCT (DynaCT) for navigation through a deformed and fractured carotid stent

Mordasini, Pasquale ; Al-Senani, Fahmi ; Gralla, Jan ; Do, Dai-Do ; Brekenfeld, Caspar ; Schroth, Gerhard

In: Neuroradiology, 2010, vol. 52, no. 7, p. 629-632

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    Navigation through a previously deployed and deformed stent is a difficult interventional task. Inadvertent navigation through the struts of a stent can potentially lead to incomplete secondary stent extension and vessel occlusion. Better visualisation of the pathway through the stent can reduce the risks of the procedural complications and reduce the reluctance of the interventionalist to navigate through a previously deployed stent. We describe a technique of visualisation of the pathway navigated by a guidewire through a previously deployed deformed and fractured carotid stent by the use of DynaCT. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the stent/microwire allows excellent visualisation of the correct pathway of the microwire within the stent