Abstract.: The electron target asymmetries A || and A⊥ with target spin parallel and perpendicular to the momentum transfer $\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{q}}$ were measured for both the two- and three-body breakup of 3He in the 3 $ \overrightarrow{\rm He}$ (¯e, e'p)-reaction. Polarized electrons were scattered off polarized 3He in the quasielastic regime in parallel kinematics with the scattered electron and the knocked-out proton detected using the Three-Spectrometer Facility at MAMI. The results are compared to Faddeev calculations which take into account Final-State Interactions as well as Meson Exchange Currents. The experiment confirms the prediction of a large effect of Final-State Interactions in the asymmetry of the three-body breakup and of an almost negligible one for the two-body breakup