I.—On Hyperodapedon Gordoni

Burckhardt, Rudolf

In: Geological Magazine, 1900, vol. 7, no. 12, p. 529-535

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    In the foregoing description I have confined my remarks to the rightside of the skull. The observer will not fail to notice from the figures the disparities existing in the two sides. This asymmetryis particularly conspicuous ventrally, the region from which Huxley principally deduced the arguments in support of his more important speculations. The area of dislocation, the centre of which apparently lies in the crater-like opening of the left prtesplenial, extends from the left prasruaxillary to the pterygoid in the skull, and as far as the splenial on the lower jaw. Its place of greatest intensity has beenmarked by a + on the figure, where not only the surface of the bones is most damaged, but where the mandible has been so much compressed that a crest has actually been formed below the row of teeth on its outer wall