Cosa può essere depositato in RERO DOC

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Document types

The types of documents considered as standard that can be deposited in RERO DOC by means of custom-made web forms are the following, all of them of perennial nature:
  • libri
  • tesi
  • dissertazioni
  • postgraduate certificates
  • articoli (preprints, postprints)
  • rapporti di ricerca
  • periodici (giornali, riviste accademiche)
  • partiture
  • mappe
  • registrazioni sonore

Libraries also have the possibility of depositing digitalized collections.

File formats

The list of allowed file formats follows the recommendation of the Conference of the Swiss University Libraries in the document Convention sur les Thèses électroniques.

Format   Extensions  
Abobe PDFpdf recommended
AIFF aiff, aif, aifc recommended
GIF gif recommended
image/png png recommended
JPEG jpeg, jpg recommended
Postscript ps, eps, ai recommended
RTF rtf recommended
Text txt, asc recommended
TIFF tiff, tif recommended
XML xml recommended
Format   Extensions  
audio/basic au, snd accepted
BMP bmp accepted
HTML htm, html accepted
LateX latex accepted
Mathematica ma accepted
Microsoft Word doc accepted
MPEG mpeg, mpg, mpe accepted
MPEG Audio mpa, abs, mpega accepted
Photo CD pcd accepted
Photoshop psd, pdd accepted
RealAudio ra, ram accepted
SGML sgm, sgml accepted
TeX tex accepted
TeX dvi dvi accepted
Video Quicktime mov, qt accepted
WAV wav accepted
WordPerfect wpd accepted

Size of the files

In the current version of RERO DOC, viewing a document implies its complete download. For a fast (or acceptable) download time, it is recommended to reduce the file size. Although the maximum allowed size is 200 MB, such large documents should remain an exception.

The following table gives an idea of the download time for different file sizes and different types of connection:

File size   2MB   20MB   200MB (RERO DOC limit)
GPRS: mobile phone   5min   1h   10h
DSL Standard Min   12s   2min 30s   25min
Hotspot   7.5s   1min 30s   15min
DSL Standard Max   3s   36s   6min

Note:DSL speed estimation is based on a standard subscription (5000kbits/s maximum and 1200kbits/s minimum), GPRS (53kbits/s) and Hotspot 2000 kbits/s.

Multivio will relax this limitation.

Further information: