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Université de Fribourg

Nondiffusive fluxes in a Brownian system with Lorentz force

Abdoli, I. ; Vuijk, H. D. ; Sommer, J. U. ; Brader, Joseph M. ; Sharma, Abhinav

In: Physical Review E, 2020, vol. 101, no. 1, p. 012120

The Fokker-Planck equation provides a complete statistical description of a particle undergoing random motion in a solvent. In the presence of Lorentz force due to an external magnetic field, the Fokker-Planck equation picks up a tensorial coefficient, which reflects the anisotropy of the particle's motion. This tensor, however, cannot be interpreted as a diffusion tensor; there are...

Université de Fribourg

Low-energy excitations in type-II Weyl semimetal ${T}_{d}\text{\ensuremath{-}}{\mathrm{MoTe}}_{2}$ evidenced through optical conductivity

Santos-Cottin, David ; Martino, Edoardo ; Le Mardelé, Florian ; Witteveen, C. ; Rohr, F. O. von ; Homes, C. C. ; Rukelj, Z. ; Akrap, Ana

In: Physical Review Materials, 2020, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 021201

Molybdenum ditelluride, MoTe2, is a versatile material where the topological phase can be readily tuned by manipulating the associated structural phase transition. The fine details of the band structure of MoTe2, key to understanding its topological properties, have proven difficult to disentangle experientially due to the multiband character of the material. Through experimental optical...

Université de Fribourg

The effect of maternal immunisation during pregnancy on infant vaccine responses

Zimmermann, Petra ; Perrett, Kirsten P. ; Messina, Nicole L. ; Donatha, Susan ; Ritz, Nicole ; Klis, Fiona R. M. van der ; Curtis, Nigel

In: EClinicalMedicine, 2019, vol. 13, p. 21–30

Immunisation during pregnancy to protect infants against tetanus, pertussis and influenza is recommended in many countries. However, maternal antibodies can interfere with infant vaccine responses. We investigated the effect of antenatal diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (dTpa) and trivalent inactivated influenza (TIV) immunisation on specific and heterologous antibody responses to...

Université de Fribourg

A conceptual framework for range-expanding species that track human-induced environmental change

Essl, Franz ; Dullinger, Stefan ; Genovesi, Piero ; Hulme, Philip E ; Jeschke, Jonathan M ; Katsanevakis, Stelios ; Kühn, Ingolf ; Lenzner, Bernd ; Pauchard, Aníbal ; Pyšek, Petr ; Rabitsch, Wolfgang ; Richardson, David M ; Seebens, Hanno ; van Kleunen, Mark ; van der Putten, Wim H ; Vilà, Montserrat ; Bacher, Sven

In: BioScience, 2019, vol. 69, no. 11, p. 908–919

For many species, human-induced environmental changes are important indirect drivers of range expansion into new regions. We argue that it is important to distinguish the range dynamics of such species from those that occur without, or with less clear, involvement of human-induced environmental changes. We elucidate the salient features of the rapid increase in the number of species whose...

Université de Neuchâtel

Mobilité étudiante internationale : raisons d'étudier en Suisse, stratégies, expériences et projets d'avenir = International student mobility: reasons for studying in switzerland, strategies, experiences and future plans

Renggli, Christina ; Riaño, Yvonne

In: Géo-Regards. Revue neuchâteloise de géographie, 2017, vol. 10, p. 71-91

This article examines the reasons, strategies, experiences and future plans of international students who relocate to Switzerland for tertiary studies. The University of Bern serves as a case study. An online survey was sent to all international students who were enrolled in the academic year 2015-2016 for their Bachelor, Master or Doctoral studies. The results show that their decisions to study...

Université de Fribourg

Biological sex influences antibody responses to routine vaccinations in the first year of life

Zimmermann, Petra ; Perrett, Kirsten P. ; Ritz,  Nicole ; Flanagan, Katie L. ; Robins-Browne, Roy ; Klis, Fiona R. M. van der ; Curtis, Nigel ; the MIS BAIR group

In: Acta Paediatrica, 2019, p. -

Aim We investigated the effect of early-life factors, namely sex, delivery mode, feeding method and antibiotic exposure, on antibody responses to routine vaccinations administered during the first year of life. Methods One and seven months after the primary course of routine vaccines and 1 month after routine vaccines at 12 months of age, antibodies against 26 vaccine antigens were measured...

Université de Fribourg

Looking back: twenty years of reforming undergraduate medical training and curriculum frameworks in Switzerland = Blick in den Rückspiegel: zwanzig Jahre Reformen der humanmedizinischen Studiengänge und der curricularen Rahmenbedingungen in der Schweiz

Bonvin, Raphael ; Nendaz, Mathieu ; Frey, Peter ; Schnabel, Kai P. ; Huwendiek, Sören ; Schirlo, Christian

In: GMS Journal for Medical Education, 2019, vol. 36, no. 5, p. Doc64

Introduction: To date, hardly any reports exist that outline the reforms in medical studies in Switzerland from the first partial reforms in the 1970s until today.Methods: This article outlines the recent history of medical curricula, their reforms in the early 1970s and, based on these, the key reasons for the major curricular reforms of the 2000s from the perspective of the authors.Results: The...

Université de Fribourg

Resolute zotarolimus‐eluting stent in ST‐elevation myocardial infarction (resolute‐STEMI): A prespecified prospective register from the DAPT‐STEMI trial

Postma, Warner ; Fabris, Enrico ; Ent, Martin Van der ; Hermanides, Rik ; Buszman, Pawel ; Birgelen, Clemens Von ; Cook, Stephane ; Wedel, Hans ; Luca, Giuseppe De ; Delewi, Ronak ; Zijlstra, Felix ; Kedhi, Elvin

In: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, 2019, p. ccd.28376

To evaluate the safety and efficacy outcomes after primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) with second‐generation Resolute™ zotarolimus‐eluting stent (R‐ ZES) in patients enrolled in the DAPT‐STEMI Trial (NCT01459627).Background: R‐ ZES is one of the most used drug eluting stents worldwide. To date, the safety and efficacy data of this stent in setting of STEMI is...

Université de Fribourg

Magnetic-field uniformity in neutron electric-dipole-moment experiments

Abel, C. ; Ayres, N. J. ; Baker, T. ; Ban, G. ; Bison, G. ; Bodek, K. ; Bondar, V. ; Crawford, C. B. ; Chiu, P.-J. ; Chanel, E. ; Chowdhuri, Z. ; Daum, M. ; Dechenaux, B. ; Emmenegger, S. ; Ferraris-Bouchez, L. ; Flaux, P. ; Geltenbort, P. ; Green, K. ; Griffith, W. C. ; Grinten, M. van der ; Harris, P. G. ; Henneck, R. ; Hild, N. ; Iaydjiev, P. ; Ivanov, S. N. ; Kasprzak, M. ; Kermaidic, Y. ; Kirch, K. ; Koch, H.-C. ; Komposch, S. ; Koss, P. A. ; Kozela, A. ; Krempel, J. ; Lauss, B. ; Lefort, T. ; Lemiere, Y. ; Leredde, A. ; Mohanmurthy, P. ; Pais, D. ; Piegsa, F. M. ; Pignol, G. ; Quéméner, G. ; Rawlik, M. ; Rebreyend, D. ; Ries, D. ; Roccia, S. ; Rozpedzik, D. ; Schmidt-Wellenburg, P. ; Schnabel, A. ; Severijns, N. ; Virot, R. ; Weis, Antoine ; Wursten, E. ; Wyszynski, G. ; Zejma, J. ; Zsigmond, G.

In: Physical Review A, 2019, vol. 99, no. 4, p. 042112

Magnetic-field uniformity is of the utmost importance in experiments to measure the electric dipole moment of the neutron. A general parametrization of the magnetic field in terms of harmonic polynomial modes is proposed, going beyond the linear- gradients approximation. We review the main undesirable effects of nonuniformities: depolarization of ultracold neutrons and Larmor frequency shifts...