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Université de Neuchâtel

Systemic insecticides (neonicotinoids and fipronil) : trends, uses, mode of action and metabolites

Simon-Delso, N ; Amaral-Rogers, V ; Belzunces, L. P ; Bonmatin, J. M ; Chagnon, Madeleine ; Downs, C. A ; Furlan, L ; Gibbons, D. W ; Giorio, C ; Girolami, V ; Goulson, D ; Kreutzweiser, David. P ; Krupke, C ; Liess, M ; Long, E ; McField, M ; Mineau, Pierre ; Mitchell, Edward A. D ; Morrissey, Christy A ; Noome Dominique A ; Pisa, L ; Settele, J ; Stark, J. D ; Tapparo, A ; Van Dyck, H ; van Praagh, J ; Van der Sluijs, Jeroen P ; Whitehorn, P. R ; Wiemers, M

In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2015, vol. 22, no. 1, p. 5-34

Since their discovery in the late 1980s, neonicotinoid pesticides have become the most widely used class of insecticides worldwide, with large-scale applications ranging from plant protection (crops, vegetables, fruits), veterinary products, and biocides to invertebrate pest control in fish farming. In this review, we address the phenyl-pyrazole fipronil together with neonicotinoids because of...

Université de Fribourg

Effects of vineyard management on biodiversity at three trophic levels

Bruggisser, Odile T. ; Schmidt-Entling, Martin H. ; Bacher, Sven

In: Biological Conservation, 2010, vol. 143, no. 6, p. 1521-1528

In annual crops, where disturbance intensities are generally high, numerous investigations demonstrated beneficial effects of organic and other extensive farming practices on biodiversity. It is however unclear if organic farming has the same beneficial effect in perennial crops (e.g. vineyards) because of a generally reduced background disturbance level. Moreover, the impact of farming practices...