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    Université de Fribourg

    Investigating cold based summit glaciers through direct access to the glacier base: a case study constraining the maximum age of Chli Titlis glacier, Switzerland

    Bohleber, Pascal ; Hoffmann, Helene ; Kerch, Johanna ; Sold, Leo ; Fischer, Andrea

    In: The Cryosphere, 2018, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 401–412

    Cold glaciers at the highest locations of the European Alps have been investigated by drilling ice cores to retrieve their stratigraphic climate records. Findings like the Oetztal ice man have demonstrated that small ice bodies at summit locations of comparatively lower altitudes may also contain old ice if locally frozen to the underlying bedrock. In this case, constraining the maximum age...

    Université de Fribourg

    Ground-penetrating radar reveals ice thickness and undisturbed englacial layers at Kilimanjaro’s Northern Ice Field

    Bohleber, Pascal ; Sold, Leo ; Hardy, Douglas R. ; Schwikowski, Margit ; Klenk, Patrick ; Fischer, a, Andrea ; Sirguey, Pascal ; Cullen, Nicolas J. ; Potocki, Mariusz ; Hoffmann, Helene ; Mayewski, Paul

    In: The Cryosphere, 2017, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 469–482

    Although its Holocene glacier history is still subject to debate, the ongoing iconic decline of Kilimanjaro's largest remaining ice body, the Northern Ice Field (NIF), has been documented extensively based on surface and photogrammetric measurements. The study presented here adds, for the first time, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data at centre frequencies of 100 and 200 MHz to investigate...