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    Université de Neuchâtel

    Dysaerobic conditions during Heinrich events 4 and 5 : Evidence from phosphorus distribution in a North Atlantic deep-sea core

    Tamburini, Federica ; Huon, Sylvain ; Steinmann, Philipp ; Grousset, Francis E. ; Adatte, Thierry ; Föllmi, Karl B.

    In: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2002, vol. 66, p. 4069-4083

    Reactive phosphorus undergoes diagenetic transformation once transferred into marine sediments. The degree of regeneration and redistribution of phosphorus depends on early diagenetic and environmental conditions, which may be linked to larger scale phenomena, such as bottom water circulation, water column ventilation, and organic carbon flux. Phosphorus phases of the <50-μm-sized fraction of...