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Ectopic parvalbumin expression in mouse forebrain neurons increases excitotoxic injury provoked by ibotenic acid injection into the striatum

Maetzler, Walter ; Bendfeldt, Kerstin ; Racay, Peter ; Vollenweider, Florence ; Schwaller, Beat

In: Experimental Neurology, 2004, vol. 186(1), p. 78

A neuroprotective role for Ca²⁺-binding proteins in neurodegenerative conditions ranging from ischemia to Alzheimer's disease has been suggested in several studies. A key phenomenon in neurodegeneration is the Ca²⁺-mediated excitotoxicity brought about by the neurotransmitter glutamate. To evaluate the relative ability to resist excitotoxicity of neurons containing the slow-onset...

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1 Maetzler, W.