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Impact of an intra-abdominal cooling device during open kidney transplantation in pigs

Longchamp, Alban ; Meier, Raphael P. H. ; Colucci, Nicola ; Balaphas, Alexandre ; Orci, Lorenzo A. ; Nastasi, Antonio ; Longchamp, Grgoire ; Moll, Solange ; Klauser, Antoine ; Pascual, Manuel ; Lazeyras, Franois ; Corpataux, Jean-Marc ; Bühler, Leo

In: Swiss Medical Weekly, 2019, vol. 149, no. 5152, p. -

Transplantation of kidneys from deceased donors is still associated with a high rate of postoperative renal dysfunction. During implantation into the recipient, the kidney rewarms. This second warm ischaemia time, which is not monitored, is harmful especially if prolonged. We recently developed an intra-abdominal cooling device that efficiently prevents kidney rewarming during robotic...

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Mesh implantation for pelvic organ prolapse improves quality of life

Yesil, Atilla ; Watermann, Dirk ; Farthmann, Juliane

In: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2014, vol. 289, no. 4, p. 817-821

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Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair is safe and cost effective

Beldi, G. ; Ipaktchi, R. ; Wagner, M. ; Gloor, B. ; Candinas, D.

In: Surgical Endoscopy And Other Interventional Techniques, 2006, vol. 20, no. 1, p. 92-95