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Université de Fribourg

Assessing the ecological risk posed by a recently established invasive alien predator: Harmonia axyridis as a case study

Kenis, Marc ; Adriaens, Tim ; Brown, Peter M. J. ; Katsanis, Angelos ; Martin, Gilles San ; Branquart, Etienne ; Maes, Dirk ; Eschen, René ; Zindel, Renate ; Vlaenderen, Johan Van ; Babendreier, Dirk ; Roy, Helen E. ; Hautier, Louis ; Poland, Remy L.

In: BioControl, 2017, vol. 62, no. 3, p. 341–354

Invasive alien predators are a serious threat to biodiversity worldwide. However, there is no generic method for assessing which local species are most at risk following the invasion of a new predator. The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), is an alien in Europe and many other parts of the world where it affects other species of ladybirds through...

Université de Neuchâtel

The role of the bacterial community in the nutritional ecology of the bulb mite Rhizoglyphus robini (Acari: Astigmata: Acaridae)

Zindel, Renate ; Ofek, Maya ; Minz, Dror ; Palevsky, Eric ; Zchori-Fein, Einat ; Aebi, Alexandre

In: The FASEB Journal, 2013, vol. 27, no. 4, p. 1488-1497

The biology of many arthropods can only be understood when their associated microbiome is considered. The nutritional requirements of the bulb mite Rhizoglyphus robini Claparede (Acari: Astigmata: Acaridae) in the laboratory have been shown to be very easily satisfied, and in the field the mites prefer fungus-infected over uninfected plants. To test whether symbiotic bacteria facilitate the...

Université de Neuchâtel

Arthropod symbioses : a neglected parameter in pest- and disease-control programmes

Zindel, Renate ; Gottlieb, Yuval ; Aebi, Alexandre

In: Journal of Applied Ecology, 2011, vol. 48, no. 4, p. 864–872

1. Arthropods are important players in biological control as pests, control agents and transmitters of invertebrate diseases. Arthropods are frequently infected with one or several micro-organisms, serving as micro-ecosystems in which multiple interactions can take place. These micro-organisms include disease agents and symbiotic micro-organisms. The latter are usually vertically...

Université de Neuchâtel

Detecting arthropod intraguild predation in the field

Aebi, Alexandre ; Brown, Peter M. J ; De Clercq, Patrick ; Hautier, Louis ; Howe, Andy ; Ingels, Brecht ; Ravn, Hans-Peter ; Sloggett, John J ; Zindel, Renate ; Thomas, Alison

In: BioControl, 2011, vol. 56, no. 4, p. 429-440

The process of biological control carries a distinct risk that an alien biological control agent (BCA) will become established as an invasive alien species with an associated threat to the local ecosystem biodiversity. It is imperative that a wide-ranging environmental risk assessment (ERA) is performed before the release of any BCA. This should include considering various potential but difficult...

Université de Neuchâtel

Predation of native coccinellids by the invasive alien Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): detection in Britain by PCR-based gut analysis

Thomas, Alison P ; Trotman, Jamie ; Wheatley, Angela ; Aebi, Alexandre ; Zindel, Renate ; Brown, Peter M.J

In: Insect conservation and diversity, 2013, vol. 6, no. 1, p. 20-27

1. The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis, is an invasive alien species that arrived in Britain in 2003 and has spread across most of the country. 2. This spread has been accompanied by a decline in some native coccinellid species, in particular, the two spot ladybird Adalia bipunctata and the ten spot ladybird Adalia decempunctata. One reason for this decline...

Université de Neuchâtel

Mites and endosymbionts : towards improved biological control

Zindel, Renate ; Turlings, Ted (Dir.) ; Aebi, Alexandre (Codir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Neuchâtel, 2012.

The microbiome associated with arthropods is very diverse and may significantly influence the biology of biological biocontrol agents and arthropod pests. Some endosymbiont bacteria may even be used to achieve pest or disease vector biological control. The subclass Acari (mites and ticks) is very diverse in form, habitat and behaviour. Mites can be plant pests, parasites of domestic animals...

Université de Fribourg

Invasive alien predator causes rapid declines of native European ladybirds

Roy, Helen E. ; Adriaens, Tim ; Isaac, Nick J. B. ; Kenis, Marc ; Onkelinx, Thierry ; Martin, Gilles San ; Brown, Peter M. J. ; Hautier, Louis ; Poland, Remy ; Roy, David B. ; Comont, Richard ; Eschen, René ; Frost, Robert ; Zindel, Renate ; Vlaenderen, Johan Van ; Nedvěd, Oldrich ; Ravn, Hans Peter ; Grégoire, Jean Claude ; Biseau, Jean Christophe de ; Maes, Dirk

In: Diversity and Distributions, 2012, p. -

Aim Invasive alien species (IAS) are recognized as major drivers of biodiversity loss, but few causal relationships between IAS and species declines have been documented. In this study, we compare the distribution (Belgium and Britain) and abundance (Belgium, Britain and Switzerland) of formerly common and widespread native ladybirds before and after the arrival of Harmonia axyridis, a...

Université de Fribourg

Current and potential management strategies against Harmonia axyridis

Kenis, Marc ; Roy, Helen E. ; Zindel, Renate ; Majerus, Michael E. N.

In: BioControl, 2008, vol. 53, no. 1, p. 235-252

This paper reviews the current and potential methods to control the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), an Asian predatory beetle invasive in Europe and the Americas where it has become a human nuisance, a grape and wine pest and a threat to native biodiversity. Current methods to manage this invasive species include: techniques to mechanically prevent...