Université de Fribourg

Future extreme events in European climate: an exploration of regional climate model projections

Beniston, Martin ; Stephenson, David B. ; Christensen, Ole B. ; Ferro, Christopher A. T. ; Frei, Christoph ; Goyette, Stéphane ; Halsnaes, Kirsten ; Holt, Tom ; Jylhä, Kirsti ; Koffi, Brigitte ; Palutikof, Jean ; Schöll, Regina ; Semmler, Tido ; Woth, Katja

In: Climatic Change, 2007, vol. 81, no. Supl. 1, p. 71-95

This paper presents an overview of changes in the extreme events that are most likely to affect Europe in forthcoming decades. A variety of diagnostic methods are used to determine how heat waves, heavy precipitation, drought, wind storms, and storm surges change between present (1961–90) and future (2071–2100) climate on the basis of regional climate model simulations produced by the...