Université de Fribourg

JNK1 ablation in mice confers long-term metabolic protection from diet-induced obesity at the cost of moderate skin oxidative damage

Becattini, Barbara ; Zani, , Fabio ; Breasson, Ludovic ; Sardi, Claudia ; D'Agostino, Vito Giuseppe ; Choo, Min-Kyung ; Provenzani, Alessandro ; Park, Jin Mo ; Solinas, Giovanni

In: The FASEB Journal, 2016, vol. 30, no. 9, p. 3124–3132

Obesity and insulin resistance are associated with oxidative stress, which may be implicated in the progression of obesity-related diseases. The kinase JNK1 has emerged as a promising drug target for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes. JNK1 is also a key mediator of the oxidative stress response, which can promote cell death or survival, depending on the magnitude and context of its...