Université de Fribourg

Serial electron microscopic reconstruction of the drosophila larval eye: Photoreceptors with a rudimentary rhabdomere of microvillar-like processes

Hartenstein, Volker ; Yuan, Michaela ; Younossi-Hartenstein, Amelia ; Karandikar, Aanavi ; Bernardo-Garcia, F. Javier ; Sprecher, Simon G. ; Knust, Elisabeth

In: Developmental Biology, 2019, vol. 453, no. 1, p. 56–67

Photoreceptor cells (PRCs) across the animal kingdom are characterized by a stacking of apical membranes to accommodate the high abundance of photopigment. In arthropods and many other invertebrate phyla PRC membrane stacks adopt the shape of densely packed microvilli that form a structure called rhabdomere. PRCs and surrounding accessory cells, including pigment cells and lens-forming cells,...