Université de Neuchâtel

Intersection of the tocopherol and plastoquinol metabolic pathways at the plastoglobule

Zbierzak, Anna Maria ; Kanwischer, Marion ; Wille, Christina ; Vidi, Pierre-Alexandre ; Giavalisco, Patrick ; Lohmann, Antje ; Briesen, Isabel ; Porfirova, Svetlana ; Bréhélin, Claire ; Kessler, Felix ; Dörmann, Peter

In: Biochemical Journal, 2010, vol. 425, p. 389-399

Plastoglobules, lipid–protein bodies in the stroma of plant chloroplasts, are enriched in non-polar lipids, in particular prenyl quinols. In the present study we show that, in addition to the thylakoids, plastoglobules also contain a considerable proportion of the plastidial PQ-9 (plastoquinol-9), the redox component of photosystem II, and of the cyclized product of PQ-9, PC-8...

Université de Neuchâtel

Tocopherol Cyclase (VTE1) Localization and Vitamin E Accumulation in Chloroplast Plastoglobule Lipoprotein Particles

Vidi, Pierre-Alexandre ; Kanwischer, Marion ; Baginsky, Sacha ; Austin, Jotham R. ; Csucs, Gabor ; Dörmann, Peter ; Kessler, Felix ; Bréhélin, Claire

In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2006, vol. 281, p. 11225-11234

Chloroplasts contain lipoprotein particles termed plastoglobules. Plastoglobules are generally believed to have little function beyond lipid storage. Here we report on the identification of plastoglobule proteins using mass spectrometry methods in Arabidopsis thaliana. We demonstrate specific plastoglobule association of members of the plastid lipid-associated proteins/fibrillin family as...