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SSU rRNA reveals major trends in oomycete evolution

Lara, Enrique ; Belbahri, Lassaad

In: Fungal Diversity, 2011, vol. 49, no. 1, p. 93-100

Université de Neuchâtel

Incipient loss of flagella in the genus Geolegnia: the emergence of a new clade within Leptolegnia?

Steciow, Mónica M ; Lara, Enrique ; Pillonel, Amandine ; Pelizza, Sebastián A ; Lestani, Eduardo A ; Rossi, Gustavo C ; Belbahri, Lassaad

In: IMA Fungus, 2013, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 169-175

The genus Geolegnia represents a poorly documented group of saprolegnialean oomycetes isolated from soils as free-living organisms. Although it is morphologically similar to the facultative parasitic genus Leptolegnia, Geolegnia presents the uncommon property of having lost a flagellate stage in its lifecycle. Based on ITS and large subunit (LSU) rRNA sequence data, we show...

Université de Fribourg

Evolution of the cutinase gene family: Evidence for lateral gene transfer of a candidate Phytophthora virulence factor

Belbahri, Lassaad ; Calmin, Gautier ; Mauch, Felix ; Andersson, Jan O.

In: Gene, 2008, vol. 408, no. 1-2, p. 1-8

Lateral gene transfer (LGT) can facilitate the acquisition of new functions in recipient lineages, which may enable them to colonize new environments. Several recent publications have shown that gene transfer between prokaryotes and eukaryotes occurs with appreciable frequency. Here we present a study of interdomain gene transfer of cutinases – well documented virulence factors in fungi –...