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Notch signaling in response to excitotoxicity induces neurodegeneration via erroneous cell cycle reentry

Marathe, Swananda ; Liu, S. ; Brai, Emanuele ; Kaczarowski, M. ; Albéri, Lavinia

In: Cell Death & Differentiation, 2015, p. -

Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and epilepsy are currently marred by the lack of effective treatments to prevent neuronal death. Erroneous cell cycle reentry (CCR) is hypothesized to have a causative role in neurodegeneration. We show that forcing S-phase reentry in cultured hippocampal neurons is sufficient to induce neurodegeneration. We found that kainic-acid...

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Asthma: a clinical condition for brain health

Albéri, Lavinia

In: Experimental Neurology, 2013, vol. 248, p. 338–342

Commentary to “Chronic asthma results in cognitive dysfunction in immature mice” Experimental Neurology 247 (2013) 209–217According to the World Health Organization, bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory respiratory condition, which affects at present more than 150 million people worldwide, mostly children. Asthma defined as bronchial hyper-responsiveness to allergens results from the...

Université de Fribourg

The calcium-binding protein parvalbumin modulates the firing 1 properties of the reticular thalamic nucleus bursting neurons

Albéri, Lavinia ; Lintas, Alessandra ; Kretz, Robert ; Schwaller, Beat ; Villa, Alessandro E. P.

In: Journal of Neurophysiology, 2013, vol. 109, no. 11, p. 2827–2841

The reticular thalamic nucleus (RTN) of the mouse is characterized by an overwhelming majority of GABAergic neurons receiving afferences from both the thalamus and the cerebral cortex and sending projections mainly on thalamocortical neurons. The RTN neurons express high levels of the “slow Ca²⁺ buffer” parvalbumin (PV) and are characterized by low-threshold Ca²⁺ currents,...

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Dopamine deficiency increases synchronized activity in the rat subthalamic nucleus

Lintas, Alessandra ; Silkis, Isabella G. ; Albéri, Lavinia ; Villa, Alessandro E.P.

In: Brain Research, 2012, vol. 1434, p. 142–151

Abnormal neuronal activity in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) plays a crucial role in the pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease (PD). In this study we investigated changes in rat STN neuronal activity after 28 days following the injection of 6-OHDA in the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNc). This drug provoked a lesion of SNc that induced a dopamine (DA) depletion assessed by changes in rotating...

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Neonatal stroke in mice causes long-term changes in neuronal notch-2 expression that may contribute to prolonged injury

Albéri, Lavinia ; Chi, Zhikai ; Kadam, Shilpa D. ; Mulholland, Justin D. ; Dawson, Valina L. ; Gaiano, Nicholas ; Comi, Anne M.

In: Stroke, 2010, vol. 41, no. Suppl. 1, p. S64-S71

Background and Purpose: Notch receptors (1–4) are membrane proteins that, on ligand stilumation, release their cytoplasmic domains to serve as transcription factors. Notch-2 promotes proliferation both during development and cancer, but its role in response to ischemic injury is less well understood. The purpose of this study was to understand whether Notch-2 is induced after neonatal stroke...