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Haute école de gestion de Genève

The meaning of Architecture in Information Architecture : analysis and reflection

Fuss, Megan ; Schneider, René (Dir.)

Mémoire de master : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2018 ; MASID 63.

There are various ways of identifying ‘Architecture’. It takes different shapes depending on the circumstances and the field of study, forming distinct disciplines. Furthermore, they all follow their own set of defined characteristics and principles that are reflective of their good practices and of how they are characterized. This paper converges both Information Architecture and...

Università della Svizzera italiana

ASQ : active learning with interactive web presentations and classroom analytics

Triglianos, Vasileios ; Pautasso, Cesare (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2018 ; 2018INFO013.

Today it is commonly accepted that the effectiveness of instructional technology, measured as improvement over the learning outcomes of students, is highly correlated with the learning environment, the applied pedagogies and the goals of the participants of the learning process. The often applied passive lecture model and the undirected use of modern technology such as student laptops and...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

The emerging energy web

Ajmone-Marsan, M. ; Arrowsmith, D. ; Breymann, W. ; Fritz, O. ; Masera, M. ; Mengolini, A. ; Carbone, A.

In: The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 2012, vol. 214, no. 1, p. 547-569

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Healing Web applications through automatic workarounds

Carzaniga, Antonio ; Gorla, Alessandra ; Pezzè, Mauro

In: International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 2008, vol. 10, no. 6, p. 493-502

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Evaluating recommender systems from the user's perspective: survey of the state of the art

Pu, Pearl ; Chen, Li ; Hu, Rong

In: User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, 2012, vol. 22, no. 4-5, p. 317-355