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Université de Neuchâtel

Creation of a raised bog in the Botanical garden of Neuchâtel : a tool for research, collections and public information

Mulhauser, Blaise ; Mulot, Matthieu ; Tritz, Jérémy ; Gueniat, Sylvian ; Koenig, Isabelle ; D’Inverno, Mirko ; Mitchell, Edward A.D.

In: Proceedings of the EuroGard VII Congress, 2015, p. 145-152

In September 2014 we created a small raised bog of ca. 100m2 in the Botanical garden of Neuchâtel. The material (marl and peat) was collected from a degraded peatland in an industrial area of the region. The bog was planted with over 30 species of mosses and vascular plants collected from bogs in the Jura Mountains and from existing collections. This object corresponds to the...