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Université de Fribourg

A novel approach to estimate glacier mass balance in the Tien Shan and Pamir based on transient snowline observations

Barandun, Martina ; Huss, Matthias (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Fribourg, 2018 ; no 2099.

Glaciers are recognised as an excellent proxy for climate change and their centennial massloss has accelerated during the past decades. The Central Asian mountain ranges Tien Shan and Pamir host over 25,000 glaciers that have been observed to respond heterogeneous to climate change. Glacier changes in the region have very important consequences on the water availability for the densely populated...

Université de Neuchâtel

Adjustments of levels of cooperation in cleaner wrasse "Labroides dimidiatus" : the effects of an audience and satiation

Pinto, Ana Isabel ; Bshary, Redouan (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Neuchâtel, 2015.

La coopération, soit l’entraide entre individus sans lien de parenté, est une énigme évolutive. Cela est dû au fait que l’aide est souvent un investissement qui doit générer des avantages futurs pour pouvoir faire l’objet d’une sélection positive. Généralement, la sélection naturelle favorise les individus qui adoptent un comportement égoïste. La tricherie devient donc une...

Université de Fribourg

Arp3 controls the podocyte architecture at the kidney filtration barrier

Schell, Christoph ; Sabass, Benedikt ; Helmstaedter, Martin ; Geist, Felix ; Abed, Ahmed ; Yasuda-Yamahara, Mako ; Sigle, August ; Maier, Jasmin I. ; Grahammer, Florian ; Siegerist, Florian ; Artelt, Nadine ; Endlich, Nicole ; Kerjaschki, Dontscho ; Arnold, Hans-Henning ; Dengjel, Jörn ; Rogg, Manuel ; Huber, Tobias B.

In: Developmental Cell, 2018, vol. 47, no. 6, p. 741-757.e8

Podocytes, highly specialized epithelial cells, build the outer part of the kidney filtration barrier and withstand high mechanical forces through a complex network of cellular protrusions. Here, we show that Arp2/3-dependent actin polymerization controls actomyosin contractility and focal adhesion maturation of podocyte protrusions and thereby regulates formation, maintenance, and capacity...

Université de Neuchâtel

Practical erasure codes for storage systems : the study of entanglement codes, an approach that propagates redundancy to increase reliability and performance

Estrada Galiñanes, Verónica del Carmen ; Felber, Pascal (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Neuchâtel, 2017.

Cette dissertation traite de la conception de codes d'effacement pratiques pour les systèmes de stockage. Les défaillances de disque physiques et logiques sont une source commune d'erreurs; cependant, il est prédit que les disques dur à plateaux vont rester le support de stockage standard dans les grands centres de données. Le stockage dans le cloud a besoin de codes efficaces pour devenir...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Efficient tree-based content-based routing schemes

Khazaei, Koorosh ; Carzaniga, Antonio (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2018 ; 2018INFO009.

This thesis is about routing and forwarding for inherently multicast communication such as the communication typical of information-centric networks. The notion of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is an evolution of the Internet from the current host-centric architecture to a new architecture in which communication is based on “named information”. The ambitious goal of ICN is to...

Université de Fribourg

Revealing in-block nestedness: Detection and benchmarking

Solé-Ribalta, Albert ; Tessone, Claudio J. ; Mariani, Manuel S. ; Borge-Holthoefer, Javier

In: Physical Review E, 2018, vol. 97, no. 6, p. 062302

As new instances of nested organization—beyond ecological networks—are discovered, scholars are debating the coexistence of two apparently incompatible macroscale architectures: nestedness and modularity. The discussion is far from being solved, mainly for two reasons. First, nestedness and modularity appear to emerge from two contradictory dynamics, cooperation and competition. Second, ...

Università della Svizzera italiana

New architectures for very deep learning

Srivastava, Rupesh Kumar ; Schmidhuber, Jürgen (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2018 ; 2018INFO006.

Artificial Neural Networks are increasingly being used in complex real- world applications because many-layered (i.e., deep) architectures can now be trained on large quantities of data. However, training even deeper, and therefore more powerful networks, has hit a barrier due to fundamental limitations in the design of existing networks. This thesis develops new architectures that, for the...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Cooperative dynamics of loyal customers in queueing networks

Gallay, Olivier ; Hongler, Max-Olivier

In: Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 2008, vol. 17, no. 2, p. 241-254