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Université de Fribourg

Parvalbumin alters mitochondrial dynamics and affects cell morphology

Lichvarova, Lucia ; Henzi, Thomas ; Safiulina, Dzhamilja ; Kaasik, Allen ; Schwaller, Beat

In: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 2018, vol. 75, no. 24, p. 4643–4666

The Ca2+-binding protein parvalbumin (PV) and mitochondria play important roles in Ca2+ signaling, buffering and sequestration. Antagonistic regulation of PV and mitochondrial volume is observed in in vitro and in vivo model systems. Changes in mitochondrial morphology, mitochondrial volume and dynamics (fusion, fission, mitophagy) resulting from modulation of PV were investigated in MDCK...

Université de Fribourg

Expression of granulisyn, perforin and granzymes in human milk over lactation and in the case of maternal infection

Twigger, Alecia-Jane ; Küffer, Gwendoline K. ; Geddes, Donna T. ; Filgueria, Luis

In: Nutrients, 2018, vol. 10, no. 9, p. 1230

Human milk has been previously found to contain various types of leukocytes however specific characteristics of these cells, such as whether they contain cytolytic antimicrobial proteins that may induce pathogen directed cell death, are unknown. This project aims to examine the presence and localization of immune proteins such as perforin, granulysin and granzymes in human milk cells at the...

Université de Fribourg

Lentiviral-mediated let-7d microRNA overexpression induced anxiolytic- and anti-depressant-like behaviors and impaired dopamine D3 receptor expression

Bahi, Amine ; Dreyer, Jean-Luc

In: European Neuropsychopharmacology, 2018, vol. 28, no. 12, p. 1394–1404

Generalized anxiety and major depression disorders (MDD) are severe debilitating mood disorders whose etiology are not fully understood, but growing evidence indicates that microRNAs (miRNAs) might play a key role in their neuropathophysiological mechanisms. In the current study, we investigate the role of Lethal-7 (let-7d) miRNA, and its direct target dopamine D3 receptor (D3R) gain-of-...

Université de Fribourg

The genus Amphistegina (benthic foraminifera): distribution along the southern Tunisian coast

Kateb, Akram El ; Stalder, Claudio ; Stainbank, Stephanie ; Fentimen, Robin ; Spezzaferri, Silvia

In: BioInvasions Records, 2018, vol. 7, no. 4, p. 391–398

The benthic foraminiferal genus Amphistegina is currently expanding its range in the Mediterranean Sea after being introduced through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea. Over the previous decade, Amphistegina spp. has colonized the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea including the Egyptian and Libyan coasts, but the present southern limit in the Mediterranean Sea is along the southern Tunisian...

Université de Fribourg

Assessment of the amphora spectrum in a rural Late La Tène settlement at Reinach-Nord, Basel region, Switzerland

Thierrin-Michael, G. ; Martinez, D. C. Tretola ; Serneels, Vincent

In: Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2018, vol. 21, p. 1055–1063

The relatively high quantity of amphorae among the ceramic material discovered in Late La Tène structures at Reinach-Nord appears quite unusual at a rural settlement of this period in NE Switzerland and warranted further investigation. How does the amphora spectrum compare to the one of earlier or later sites in the region? On earlier settlements in the area between Lyon, the Upper Rhine...

Université de Fribourg

Physically based hydrogeological and slope stability modeling of the Turaida castle mound

Kukemilks, Karlis ; Wagner, Jean-Frank ; Saks, Tomas ; Brunner, Philip

In: Landslides, 2018, vol. 15, no. 11, p. 2267–2278

This study explores the potential of integrating state-of-the-art physically based hydrogeological modeling into slope stability simulations to identify the hydrogeological triggers of landslides. Hydrogeological models considering detailed morphological, lithological, and climatic factors were elaborated. Groundwater modeling reveals locations with elevated pore water pressures in the...

Université de Fribourg

A large impact crater beneath Hiawatha Glacier in northwest Greenland

Kjær, Kurt H. ; Larsen, Nicolaj K. ; Binder, Tobias ; Bjørk, Anders A. ; Eisen, Olaf ; Fahnestock, Mark A. ; Funder, Svend ; Garde, Adam A. ; Haack, Henning ; Helm, Veit ; Houmark-Nielsen, Michael ; Kjeldsen, Kristian K. ; Khan, Shfaqat A. ; Machguth, Horst ; McDonald, Iain ; Morlighem, Mathieu ; Mouginot, Jérémie ; Paden, John D. ; Waight, Tod E. ; Weikusat, Christian ; Willerslev, Eske ; MacGregor, Joseph A.

In: Science Advances, 2018, vol. 4, no. 11, p. eaar8173

We report the discovery of a large impact crater beneath Hiawatha Glacier in northwest Greenland. From airborne radar surveys, we identify a 31-kilometer-wide, circular bedrock depression beneath up to a kilometer of ice. This depression has an elevated rim that cross-cuts tributary subglacial channels and a subdued central uplift that appears to be actively eroding. From ground...

Université de Fribourg

Beyond global charge: role of amine bulkiness and protein fingerprint on nanoparticle–cell interaction

Burnand, David ; Milosevic, Ana ; Balog, Sandor ; Spuch-Calvar, Miguel ; Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara ; Dengjel, Jörn ; Kinnear, Calum ; Moore, Thomas L. ; Petri-Fink, Alke

In: Small, 2018, vol. 14, no. 46, p. 1802088

Amino groups presented on the surface of nanoparticles are well‐known to be a predominant factor in the formation of the protein corona and subsequent cellular uptake. However, the molecular mechanism underpinning this relationship is poorly defined. This study investigates how amine type and density affect the protein corona and cellular association of gold nanoparticles with cells in...

Université de Neuchâtel

Social behaviour, stress and parasites : comparing free-ranging wolves in Yellowstone (USA), Abruzzo (Italy) and Mercantour (France) national parks

Molnar, Barbara ; Betschart, Bruno (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Neuchâtel, 2012.

Occupant autrefois la majeure partie de l’hémisphère nord, les populations de loups (Canis lupus) ont disparu dans une importante partie de leur aire de distribution initiale, consécutivement à la persécution humaine. Suite à la protection de l’espèce, le carnivore a récemment étendu son aire de distribution, par des mouvements de dispersion ou au travers de programmes de...

Université de Fribourg

The impact of ESCRT on Aβ1-42 induced membrane lesions in a yeast model for Alzheimer’s disease

Fruhmann, Gernot ; Marchal, Christelle ; Vignaud, Hélène ; Verduyckt, Mathias ; Talarek, Nicolas ; De Virgilio, Claudio ; Winderickx, Joris ; Cullin, Christophe

In: Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 2018, vol. 11, p. -

Aβ metabolism plays a pivotal role in Alzheimer’s disease. Here, we used a yeast model to monitor Aβ42 toxicity when entering the secretory pathway and demonstrate that processing in, and exit from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is required to unleash the full Aβ42 toxic potential. Consistent with previously reported data, our data suggests that Aβ42 interacts with mitochondria, thereby...