Université de Fribourg

Structural insights into semicrystalline states of electrospun nanofibers: a multiscale analytical approach

Maurya, Anjani K. ; Weidenbacher, Lukas ; Spano, Fabrizio ; Fortunato, Giuseppino ; Rossi, René M. ; Frenz, Martin ; Dommann, Alex ; Neels, Antonia ; Sadeghpour, Amin

In: Nanoscale, 2019, vol. 11, no. 15, p. 7176–7187

A dedicated nanofiber design for applications in the biomedical domain is based on the understanding of nanofiber structures. The structure of electrospun nanofibers strongly influences their properties and functionalities. In polymeric nanofibers X-ray scattering and diffraction methods, i.e. SAXS and WAXD, are capable of decoding their structural insights from about 100 nm down to the...

Université de Fribourg

Toolbox for in vivo imaging of host–parasite interactions at multiple scales

Niz, Mariana De ; Spadin, Florentin ; Marti, Matthias ; Stein, Jens V. ; Frenz, Martin ; Frischknecht, Friedrich

In: Trends in Parasitology, 2019, vol. 35, no. 3, p. 193–212

Animal models have for long been pivotal for parasitology research. Over the last few years, techniques such as intravital, optoacoustic and magnetic resonance imaging, optical projection tomography, and selective plane illumination microscopy developed promising potential for gaining insights into host–pathogen interactions by allowing different visualization forms in vivo and ex vivo....

Université de Fribourg

Phyllotaxis involves auxin drainage through leaf primordia

Deb, Yamini ; Marti, Dominik ; Frenz, Martin ; Kuhlemeier, Cris ; Reinhardt, Didier

In: Development, 2015, vol. 142, no. 11, p. 1992–2001

The spatial arrangement of leaves and flowers around the stem, known as phyllotaxis, is controlled by an auxin-dependent reiterative mechanism that leads to regular spacing of the organs and thereby to remarkably precise phyllotactic patterns. The mechanism is based on the active cellular transport of the phytohormone auxin by cellular influx and efflux carriers, such as AUX1 and PIN1. Their...

Université de Fribourg

Microsurgical and laser ablation analysis of leaf positioning and dorsoventral patterning in tomato

Reinhardt, Didier ; Frenz, Martin ; Mandel, Therese ; Kuhlemeier, Cris

In: Development, 2005, vol. 132, p. 15

Leaves are arranged according to regular patterns, a phenomenon referred to as phyllotaxis. Important determinants of phyllotaxis are the divergence angle between successive leaves, and the size of the leaves relative to the shoot axis. Young leaf primordia are thought to provide positional information to the meristem, thereby influencing the positioning of new primordia and hence the divergence...