Université de Neuchâtel

3D vision methods and selected experiences in micro and macro applications

Hügli, Heinz ; Mure-Dubois, James

In: Two- and Three-Dimensional Methods for Inspection and Metrology IV (Proceedings of SPIE), 2006, vol. 6382, no. 10, p. 638209- 638216

The paper provides considerations relative to the application of 3D vision methods and presents some lessons learnt in this respect by presenting four 3D vision tasks and discussing the selection of vision sensing devices meant to solving the task. After a short reminder of 3D vision methods of interest for optical range imaging for microvision and macrovision applications, the paper enumerates...

Université de Neuchâtel

3D Vision in a Virtual Reality Robotics Environment

Schütz, Christian L. ; Natonek, Emerico ; Baur, Charles ; Hügli, Heinz

In: Photonics East, Telemanipulator and Telepresence Techologies III (Proceedings of SPIE), 1996, vol. 2901, no. 138, p. 1-9

Virtual reality robotics (VRR) needs sensing feedback from the real environment. To show how advanced 3D vision provides new perspectives to fulfill these needs, this paper presents an architecture and system that integrates hybrid 3D vision and VRR and reports about experiments and results. The first section discusses the advantages of virtual reality in robotics, the potential of a 3D vision...

Université de Neuchâtel

How well performs free-form 3D object recognition from range images ?

Hügli, Heinz ; Schütz, Christian L.

In: Photonics East (Proceedings of SPIE), 1996, vol. 2904, no. 9, p. 66-74

This paper investigates the recognition performance of a geometric matching approach to the recognition of free-form objects obtained from range images. The heart of this approach is a closest point matching algorithm which, starting from an initial configuration of two rigid objects, iteratively finds their best correspondence. While the effective performance of this algorithm is known to depend...

Université de Neuchâtel

Towards the recognition of 3D free-form objects

Schütz, Christian L. ; Hügli, Heinz

In: 3D Pattern Recognition for Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XIV : Algorithms, Techniques Active Vision and Material Handling (Proceedings of SPIE), 1995, vol. 2588, p. 476-484

This paper investigates a new approach for the recognition of 3D objects of arbitrary shape. The proposed solution follows the principle of model-based recognition using geometric 3D models and geometric matching. It is an alternative to the classical segmentation and primitive extraction approach and provides a perspective to escape some of its difficulties to deal with free-form shapes. The...

Université de Neuchâtel

Optimized scattering compensation for time-of-flight camera

Mure-Dubois, James ; Hügli, Heinz

In: Two- and Three-Dimensional Methods for Inspection and Metrology V (Proceedings of SPIE), 2007, vol. 6762, no. 67620H, p. 1-10

Recent time-of-flight (TOF) cameras allow for real-time acquisition of range maps with good performance. However, the accuracy of the measured range map may be limited by secondary light reflections. Specifically, the range measurement is affected by scattering, which consists in parasitic signals caused by multiple reflections inside the camera device. Scattering, which is particularly strong in...

Université de Neuchâtel

Embedded 3D vision system for automated micro-assembly

Mure-Dubois, James ; Hügli, Heinz

In: Two- and Three-Dimensional Methods for Inspection and Metrology IV (Proceedings of SPIE), 2008, vol. 6382, no. 63820J, p. 1-11

Machine vision plays an important role in automated assembly. However, present vision systems are not adequate for robot control in an assembly environment where individual components have sizes in the range of 1 to 100 micrometers, since current systems do not provide sufficient resolution in the whole workspace when they are fixed, and they are too bulky to be brought close enough to the...