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  • 3-D free form object recognition (1) désactiver le filtre
  • pose estimation (1) désactiver le filtre
  • range imaging (1) désactiver le filtre
Université de Neuchâtel

Recognition of 3-D objects with a closest point matching algorithm

Schütz, Christian ; Hügli, Heinz

In: From Pixels to Sequences - Sensors, algorithms and systems (Proceedings conference ISPRS intercommission workshop), 1995, vol. 30, no. 5W1, p. 128-133

This paper is a contribution to the recognition of arbitrary 3-D shapes from range images. Recently, a closest point matching algorithm was proposed that is in a position to match 3-D shapes without the need of an explicit object description in terms of primitives. The advantage is that the comparison works directly on the 3-D coordinates of the surface points and needs neither segmentation nor...