Université de Fribourg

Akt/PKB-mediated phosphorylation of Twist1 promotes tumor metastasis via mediating cross-talk between PI3K/Akt and TGF-β signaling axes

Xue, Gongda ; Restuccia, David F. ; Lan, Qiang ; Hynx, Debby ; Dirnhofer, Stephan ; Hess, Daniel ; Rüegg, Curzio ; Hemmings, Brian A.

In: Cancer Discovery, 2012, vol. 2, no. 3, p. 248-259

Metastatic breast tumor cells display an epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) that increases cell motility, invasion, and dissemination. Although the transcription factor Twist1 has been shown to contribute to EMT and cancer metastasis, the signaling pathways regulating Twist1 activity are poorly understood. Here, we show that Twist1 is ubiquitously phosphorylated in 90% of 1,532 invasive...

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PKB/Akt-Dependent Regulation of Cell Motility

Xue, Gongda ; Hemmings, Brian A.

In: Journal Of The National Cancer Institute, 2013, vol. 105, no. 6, p. 393-404

Université de Fribourg

PKB/Akt-dependent regulation of inflammation in cancer

Tang, Fengyuan ; Wang, , Yuhua ; Hemmings, Brian A. ; Rüegg, Curzio ; Xue, Gongda

In: Seminars in Cancer Biology, 2017, p. -

Chronic inflammation is a major cause of human cancer. Clinical cancer therapies against inflammatory risk factors are strategically determined. To rationally guide a novel drug development, an improved mechanistic understanding on the pathological connection between inflammation and carcinogenesis is essential. PI3K-PKB signaling axis has been extensively studied and shown to be one of the...