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Université de Neuchâtel

Liquid-crystalline fullerene–oligophenylenevinylene conjugates

Campidelli, Stéphane ; Deschenaux, Robert ; Eckert, Jean-François ; Guillon, Daniel ; Nierengarten, Jean-François

In: Chemical Communications, 2002, p. 656 - 657

Functionalization of C60–oligophenylenevinylene derivatives with a cyanobiphenyl-terminated dendromesogen leads to new donor–acceptor systems with liquid-crystalline properties.

Université de Neuchâtel

Functional polypedes—chiral nematic fullerenes

Campidelli, Stéphane ; Eng, Carine ; Saez, Isabel M. ; Goodby, John W. ; Deschenaux, Robert

In: Chemical Communications, 2003, p. 1520-1521

Self-organising, functional materials created by bottom-up synthesis represent important steps forward in the development of novel materials, here we report on the preparation and properties of a chiral nematic tetrapedal liquid crystal that has been functionalised with C60.

Université de Neuchâtel

Determining sedimentation ages of high-grade metamorphic gneisses by their palynological record : a case study in the northern Schwarzwald (Variscan Belt, Germany)

Hanel, Michael ; Montenari, M. ; Kalt, Angelika

In: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 1999, vol. 88, no. 1, p. 49-59

In the northern Schwarzwald (Moldanubian Zone of the Variscan belt), paragneisses drilled from approximately 2500 m depth at the Bühl-1 drilling site have experienced amphibolite-facies metamorphism and were later partly transformed to mylonites under greenschist-facies conditions. Completely graphitised acritarchs and chitinozoans were recovered from these paragneisses and mylonitic gneisses....

Université de Neuchâtel

Contrasting P-T conditions recorded in ultramafic high-pressure rocks from the Variscan Schwarzwald (F.R.G.)

Kalt, Angelika ; Altherr, Rainer ; Hanel, Michael

In: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 1995, vol. 121, no. 1, p. 45-60

This paper presents mineralogical and textural data as well as thermobarometric calculations on ultramafic high-pressure rocks from the Variscan basement of the Schwarzwald (F.R.G.). The rocks form small isolated bodies within low-pressure / high-temperature gneisses and migmatites. The results of this study constrain contrasting P-T evolutions for four garnet-bearing ultramafic...

Université de Neuchâtel

Petrology and geochronology of eclogites from the Variscan Schwarzwald (F.R.G.)

Kalt, Angelika ; Hanel, Michael ; Schleicher, Helmut ; Kramm, Ulrich

In: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 1994, vol. 115, no. 3, p. 287-302

The Moldanubian basement of the Schwarzwald contains basic to ultrabasic rocks of both crustal and mantle origin which display high-pressure mineral assemblages or relics of such. In order to constrain the P-T-t evolution of the crustal high-pressure rocks, petrological and geochronological studies have been carried out on three eclogite samples. Geothermobarometric estimations indicate minimum...

Université de Neuchâtel

Metamorphic evolution of ultrahigh-pressure garnet peridotites from the Variscan Vosges Mts. (France)

Altherr, Rainer ; Kalt, Angelika

In: Chemical Geology, 1996, vol. 134, no. 1-3, p. 27-47

In the Central Vosges Mts. (France) of the Variscan belt, Mg---Cr garnet peridotite bodies occur within the uppermost tectonometamorphic unit (Leptynitic granulites) as lenses in low-pressure/high-temperature metamorphic rocks. Neglecting late-stage serpentinization, the metamorphic evolution of these rocks was characterized by four stages. During stage I, the rocks were equilibrated at high...

Université de Neuchâtel

Dendritic liquid-crystalline fullerene–ferrocene dyads

Campidelli, Stéphane ; Pérez, Laura ; Rodríguez-López Julián ; Barberá, Joaquín ; Langa, Fernando ; Deschenaux, Robert

In: Tetrahedron, 2006, vol. 62, no. 9, p. 2115-2122

First- and second-generation ferrocene-based dendrimers, fullerene and a second-generation liquid-crystalline poly(arylester) dendrimer carrying four cyanobiphenyl units were assembled to elaborate polyfunctional materials displaying mesomorphic and electronic properties. The targeted compounds gave rise to enantiotropic smectic A phases and organized into bilayer structures within the smectic...

Université de Neuchâtel

Charlatans, intermédiaires de Dieu, confidents ou attraction touristique : ethnographie des pratiques d'herboristerie à Marrakech

Matter, Yvan ; Wendling, Thierry (Dir.)

Mémoire de diplôme universitaire : Université de Neuchâtel, 2005.

Ce travail, effectué dans le cadre d’un inventaire sur les plantes et animaux commercialisés dans les souks de Marrakech, dresse un constat sur la médecine populaire au Maroc, laquelle est cernée dans son actualité au travers de l’exemple des herboristes. Après avoir décrit le contexte de l’étude et ses aspects méthodologiques, cette recherche tentera de dresser un tableau...

Université de Neuchâtel

Nd, Sr, and Pb isotopic evidence for diverse lithospheric mantle sources of East African Rift carbonatites

Kalt, Angelika ; Hegner, E. ; Satır, Muharrem

In: Tectonophysics, 1997, vol. 278, no. 1-4, p. 31-45

Carbonatites may provide valuable information on mantle source compositions as their isotopic ratios are insensitive to crustal contamination. In order to place constraints on mantle sources, nineteen samples from three Miocene to Quaternary carbonatite areas in the East African Rift were analysed for their Sr, Nd, and Pb isotopic compositions. The samples from Kerimasi (northern Tanzania), Homa...