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Université de Fribourg

Authorship attribution and profiling in Spanish and English language

Miculicich, Lesly ; Savoy, Jacques (Dir.)

Mémoire de master : Université de Fribourg, 2014.

The authorship attribution is the practice of inferring the author of a given text based on the analysis of her/his writing style. It has been largely used in literature work disputes but it has other interesting applications such as forensics and plagiarism detection. The purpose of this project is to experiment and present a solution that can identify the authors of a given corpora. We have two...

Université de Fribourg

Comparison of a novel biodegradable polymer sirolimus-eluting stent with a durable polymer everolimus-eluting stent: 5-year outcomes of the randomized bioflow-ii trial

Lefèvre, Thierry ; Haude, Michael ; Neumann, Franz-Josef ; Stang, Karl ; Skurk, Carsten ; Slagboom, Ton ; Sabaté, Manel ; Goicolea, Javier ; Barragan, Paul ; Cook, Stéphane ; Macia, Jean-Christophe ; Windecker, Stephan

In: JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, 2018, vol. 11, no. 10, p. 995–1002

ObjectivesThe authors aimed to compare long-term data of an ultrathin cobalt- chromium stent with passive silicon carbide coating and an active biodegradable polymer that releases sirolimus (O-SES) (Orsiro, BIOTRONIK, Bülach, Switzerland) with the durable polymer-based Xience Prime everolimus-eluting stent (X-EES) (Abbott Vascular, Santa Clara, California).BackgroundBiodegradable polymer...

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Meier, Andreas ; Heilmann, Heidi

In: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2012, vol. 49, no. 5, p. 118-121

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Parsing Economic Technology Matrices by Triangular Decomposition

Wolff, Reiner

In: Computational Economics, 2005, vol. 25, no. 3, p. 275-279

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Elektronische Abstimmungen und Wahlen

Meier, Andreas

In: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2009, vol. 46, no. 1, p. 51-61