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Université de Fribourg

Concepts of metastasis in flux: the stromal progression model

Sleeman, Jonathan P. ; Christofori, Gerhard ; Fodde, Riccardo ; Collard, John G. ; Berx, Geert ; Decraene, Charles ; Rüegg, Curzio

In: Seminars in Cancer Biology, 2012, p. -

The ability of tumor cells to leave a primary tumor, to disseminate through the body, and to ultimately seed new secondary tumors is universally agreed to be the basis for metastasis formation. An accurate description of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie this multistep process would greatly facilitate the rational development of therapies that effectively allow metastatic...

Université de Fribourg

Broad characterization of endogenous peptides in the tree shrew visual system

Ranc, Vaclav ; Petruzziello, Filomena ; Kretz, Robert ; Argandoña, Enrike G. ; Zhang, Xiaozhe ; Rainer, Gregor

In: Journal of Proteomics, 2012, vol. 75, no. 9, p. 2526–2535

Endogenous neuropeptides, acting as neurotransmitters or hormones in the brain, carry out important functions including neural plasticity, metabolism and angiogenesis. Previous neuropeptide studies have focused on peptide-rich brain regions such as the striatum or hypothalamus. Here we present an investigation of peptides in the visual system, composed of brain regions that are generally less...

Université de Fribourg

Delaying orthostatic syncope with mental challenge: A pilot study

Goswami, Nandu ; Roessler, Andreas ; Szalkay, Helmut Hinghofer ; Montani, Jean Pierre ; Steptoe, Andrew

In: Physiology & Behavior, 2012, vol. 106, no. 4, p. 569–573

At orthostatic vasovagal syncope there appears to be a sudden decline of sympathetic activity. As mental challenge activates the sympathetic system, we hypothesized that doing mental arithmetic in volunteers driven to the end point of their cardiovascular stability may delay the onset of orthostatic syncope. We investigated this in healthy male subjects. Each subject underwent a head up tilt...

Université de Fribourg

Functional and laminar dissociations between muscarinic and nicotinic cholinergic neuromodulation in the tree shrew primary visual cortex

Bhattacharyya, Anwesha ; Bießmann, Felix ; Veit, Julia ; Kretz, Robert ; Rainer, Gregor

In: European Journal of Neuroscience, 2012, vol. 35, no. 8, p. 1270–1280

Acetylcholine is an important neuromodulator involved in cognitive function. The impact of cholinergic neuromodulation on computations within the cortical microcircuit is not well understood. Here we investigate the effects of layer-specific cholinergic drug application in the tree shrew primary visual cortex during visual stimulation with drifting grating stimuli of varying contrast and...

Université de Fribourg

Cell therapies for heart function recovery: focus on myocardial tissue engineering and nanotechnologies

Giraud, Marie Noëlle ; Guex, Anne Géraldine ; Tevaearai, Hendrik T.

In: Cardiology Research and Practice, 2012, p. -

Cell therapies have gained increasing interest and developed in several approaches related to the treatment of damaged myocardium. The results of multiple clinical trials have already been reported, almost exclusively involving the direct injection of stem cells. It has, however, been postulated that the efficiency of injected cells could possibly be hindered by the mechanical trauma due to the...

Université de Fribourg

Preparation of imidazolidin-4-ones and their evaluation as hydrolytically cleavable precursors for the slow release of bioactive volatile carbonyl derivatives

Trachsel, Alain ; Buchs, Barbara ; Godin, Guillaume ; Crochet, Aurélien ; Fromm, Katharina M. ; Herrmann, Andreas

In: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2012, no. 14, p. 2837–2854

Imidazolidin-4-ones are suitable in practical applications as hydrolytically cleavable precursors for the controlled release of fragrant aldehydes and ketones. The corresponding profragrances were prepared by treating aliphatic carbonyl compounds with commercially available amino acid amines in the presence of a base to yield mixtures of diastereomers. The two diastereomers isolated from the...

Université de Fribourg

Circadian variations of ischemic burden among patients with myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Fournier, Stephane ; Eeckhout, Eric ; Mangiacapra, Fabio ; Trana, Catalina ; Lauriers, Nathalie ; Beggah, Ahmed T. ; Monney, Pierre ; Cook, Stéphane ; Bardy, Daniel ; Vogt, Pierre ; Muller, Olivier

In: American Heart Journal, 2012, vol. 163, no. 2, p. 208–213

Background: Several parameters of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology exhibit circadian rhythms. Recently, a relation between infarct size and the time of day at which it occurs has been suggested in experimental models of myocardial infarction. The aim of this study is to investigate whether circadian rhythms could cause differences in ischemic burden in patients with ST-elevation...

Université de Fribourg

Barium isotope fractionation during experimental formation of the double carbonate BaMn[CO₃]₂ at ambient temperature

Böttcher, Michael E. ; Geprägs, Patrizia ; Neubert, Nadja ; Allmen, Katja von ; Pretet, Chloé ; Samankassou, Elias ; Nägler, Thomas F.

In: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 2012, p. -

In this study, we present the first experimental results for stable barium (Ba) isotope (¹³⁷Ba/¹³⁴Ba) fractionation during low-temperature formation of the anhydrous double carbonate BaMn[CO₃]₂. This investigation is part of an ongoing work on Ba fractionation in the natural barium cycle. Precipitation at a temperature of 21±1°C leads to an enrichment of the lighter Ba isotope...