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Università della Svizzera italiana

Human IFN-γ immunity to mycobacteria is governed by both IL-12 and IL-23

Markle, Janet G. ; Martínez-Barricarte, Rubén ; Ma, Cindy S. ; Deenick, Elissa K. ; Ramírez-Alejo, Noé ; Mele, Federico ; Latorre, Daniela ; Mahdaviani, Seyed Alireza ; Aytekin, Caner ; Mansouri, Davood ; Bryant, Vanessa L. ; Jabot-Hanin, Fabienne ; Deswarte, Caroline ; Nieto-Patlán, Alejandro ; Surace, Laura ; Kerner, Gaspard ; Itan, Yuval ; Jovic, Sandra ; Avery, Danielle T. ; Wong, Natalie ; Rao, Geetha ; Patin, Etienne ; Okada, Satoshi ; Bigio, Benedetta ; Boisson, Bertrand ; Rapaport, Franck ; Seeleuthner, Yoann ; Schmidt, Monika ; Ikinciogullari, Aydan ; Dogu, Figen ; Tanir, Gonul ; Tabarsi, Payam ; Bloursaz, Mohammed Reza ; Joseph, Julia K. ; Heer, Avneet ; Kong, Xiao-Fei ; Migaud, Mélanie ; Lazarov, Tomi ; Geissmann, Frédéric ; Fleckenstein, Bernhard ; Lindestam Arlehamn, Cecilia ; Sette, Alessandro ; Puel, Anne ; Emile, Jean-François ; Vosse, Esther van de ; Quintana-Murci, Lluis ; Di Santo, James P. ; Abel, Laurent ; Boisson-Dupuis, Stéphanie ; Bustamante, Jacinta ; Tangye, Stuart G. ; Sallusto, Federica ; Casanova, Jean-Laurent

In: Science Immunology, 2018, vol. 3, no. 30, p. eaau6759

Hundreds of patients with autosomal recessive, complete IL-12p40 or IL-12Rß1 deficiency have been diagnosed over the last 20 years. They typically suffer from invasive mycobacteriosis and, occasionally, from mucocutaneous candidiasis. Susceptibility to these infections is thought to be due to impairments of IL-12–dependent IFN-? immunity and IL-23–dependent IL-17A/IL-17F immunity,...

Université de Fribourg

Regional sociocultural differences as important correlate of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in Swiss preschool children

Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia S. ; Schmutz, Einat A. ; Radtke, Thomas ; Kakebeeke, Tanja H. ; Zysset, Annina E. ; Messerli-Bürgy, Nadine ; Stülb, Kerstin ; Arhab, Amar ; Meyer, Andrea H. ; Munsch, Simone ; Jenni, Oskar G. ; Puder, Jardena J. ; Kriemler, Susi

In: Swiss Medical Weekly, 2016, vol. 146, no. w14377, p. 1-8

QUESTION: Regional differences in physical activity in school-aged children and adults even within one country with the same political and health care system have been observed and could not be explained by sociodemographic or individual variables. We analysed whether such differences were already present in preschool children. METHODS: Swiss children from 84 childcare centres in five cantons...

Université de Fribourg

Impact of physical activity on energy balance, food intake and choice in normal weight and obese children in the setting of acute social stress : a randomized controlled trial

Horsch, Antje ; Wobmann, Marion ; Kriemler, Susi ; Munsch, Simone ; Borloz, Sylvie ; Balz, Alexandra ; Marques-Vidal, Pedro ; Borghini, Ayala ; Puder, Jardena J.

In: BMC Pediatrics, 2015, vol. 15, no. 12, p. 1-10

Background: Psychological stress negatively influences food intake and food choices, thereby contributing to the development of childhood obesity. Physical activity can also moderate eating behavior and influence calorie intake. However, it is unknown if acute physical activity influences food intake and overall energy balance after acute stress exposure in children. We therefore investigated the...

Université de Fribourg

The Swiss Preschoolers’ health study (SPLASHY) : objectives and design of a prospective multi-site cohort study assessing psychological and physiological health in young children

Messerli-Bürgy, Nadine ; Kakebeeke, Tanja H. ; Arhab, Amar ; Stülb, Kerstin ; Zysset, Annina E. ; Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia S. ; Schmutz, Einat A. ; Fares, Fady ; Meyer, Andrea H. ; Munsch, Simone ; Kriemler, Susi ; Jenni, Oskar G. ; Puder, Jardena J.

In: BMC Pediatrics, 2016, vol. 16, no. 85, p. 1-16

Background: Children’s psychological and physiological health can be summarized as the child’s thinking, feeling, behaving, eating, growing, and moving. Children’s psychological and physiological health conditions are influenced by today’s life challenges: Thus, stress exposure and lack of physical activity represent important health challenges in older children. However, corresponding...

Université de Fribourg

Health-related quality of life in migrant preschool children

Puder, Jardena ; Pinto, Ana Margarida ; Bonvin, Antoine ; Bodenman, Patrick ; Munsch, Simone ; Kriemler, Susi ; Marques-Vidal, Pedro

In: BMC Public Health, 2013, vol. 13, no. 384, p. 1–9

Background Minority groups have a lower health-related quality of life (HRQOL), but there is little information if this finding also applies to children. In this study, we compared HRQOL between young children with and without migrant parents. Methods Two cross-sectional studies of culturally diverse preschool populations in Switzerland: Ballabeina (40 preschools, 258 girls and 232 boys aged 4 to...

Université de Fribourg

Association between Body Composition and Motor Performance in Preschool Children

Kakebeeke, Tanja H. ; Lanzi, Stefano ; Zysset, Annina E. ; Arhab, Amar ; Messerli-Bürgy, Nadine ; Stuelb, Kerstin ; Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia S. ; Schmutz, Einat A. ; Meyer, Andrea H. ; Kriemler, Susi ; Munsch, Simone ; Jenni, Oskar G. ; Puder, Jardena J.

In: Obesity Facts, 2017, vol. 10, p. 420-431

Objective Being overweight makes physical movement more difficult. Our aim was to investigate the association between body composition and motor performance in preschool children. Methods A total of 476 predominantly normal-weight preschool children (age 3.9 ± 0.7 years; m/f: 251/225; BMI 16.0 ± 1.4 kg/m2) participated in the Swiss Preschoolers' Health Study (SPLASHY). Body composition...

Université de Fribourg

Physical activity and sedentary behavior in preschoolers: a longitudinal assessment of trajectories and determinants

Schmutz, Einat A. ; Haile, Sarah R. ; Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia S. ; Kakebeeke, Tanja H. ; Zysset, Annina E. ; Messerli-Bürgy, Nadine ; Stülb, Kerstin ; Arhab, Amar ; Meyer, Andrea H. ; Munsch, Simone ; Puder, Jardena J. ; Jenni, Oskar G. ; Kriemler, Susi

In: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2018, vol. 15, no. 35, p. 1-12

Background : Despite physical activity (PA) being recognized as a critically important factor for good physical and mental health already early in life and throughout the life course, prospective data on activity behavior during the preschool years remains scarce. This study examined trajectories and determinants of levels and change in total PA (TPA), moderate-to-vigorous PA (MVPA) and sedentary...

Université de Fribourg

Correlates of preschool children’s objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behavior: a cross-sectional analysis of the SPLASHY study

Schmutz, Einat A. ; Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia S. ; Radtke, Thomas ; Muff, Stefanie ; Kakebeeke, Tanja H. ; Zysset, Annina E. ; Messerli-Bürgy, Nadine ; Stülb, Kerstin ; Arhab, Amar ; Meyer, Andrea H. ; Munsch, Simone ; Puder, Jardena J. ; Jenni, Oskar G. ; Kriemler, Susi

In: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2017, vol. 14, no. 1, p. 1-13

Background: Identifying ways to promote physical activity and decrease sedentary time during childhood is a key public health issue. Research on the putative influences on preschool children’s physical activity (PA) and sedentary behavior (SB) is limited and has yielded inconsistent results. Our aim was to identify correlates of PA and SB in preschool children. Methods: Cross-sectional data...

Université de Fribourg

Relation of Heart Rate and its Variability during Sleep with Age, Physical Activity, and Body Composition in Young Children

Herzig, David ; Eser, Prisca ; Radtke, Thomas ; Wenger, Alina ; Rusterholz, Thomas ; Wilhelm, Matthias ; Achermann, Peter ; Arhab, Amar ; Jenni, Oskar G. ; Kakebeeke, Tanja H. ; Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia S. ; Messerli-Bürgy, Nadine ; Meyer, Andrea H. ; Munsch, Simone ; Puder, Jardena J. ; Schmutz, Einat A. ; Stülb, Kerstin ; Zysset, Annina E. ; Kriemler, Susi

In: Frontiers in Physiology, 2017, vol. 8, no. 109, p. 1-12

Background: Recent studies have claimed a positive effect of physical activity and body composition on vagal tone. In pediatric populations, there is a pronounced decrease in heart rate with age. While this decrease is often interpreted as an age-related increase in vagal tone, there is some evidence that it may be related to a decrease in intrinsic heart rate. This factor has not been taken into...

Université de Fribourg

Somatosensory and auditory deviance detection for outcome prediction during postanoxic coma

Pfeiffer, Christian ; Nguissi, Nathalie Ata Nguepnjo ; Chytiris, Magali ; Bidlingmeyer, Phanie ; Haenggi, Matthias ; Kurmann, Rebekka ; Zubler, Frédéric ; Accolla, Ettore ; Viceic, Dragana ; Rusca, Marco ; Oddo, Mauro ; Rossetti, Andrea O. ; Lucia, Marzia De

In: Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, 2018, vol. 5, no. 9, p. 1016–1024

Objective: Prominent research in patients with disorders of consciousness investigated the electrophysiological correlates of auditory deviance detection as a marker of consciousness recovery. Here, we extend previous studies by investigating whether somatosensory deviance detection provides an added value for outcome prediction in postanoxic comatose patients.Methods: Electroencephalography ...