Working papers SES

Working papers SES
La collection des Working Papers SES est une série de cahiers de recherche présentant les différents travaux menés au sein de la Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales de l'Université de Fribourg (Suisse). Cette collection existe depuis 1980 et les thèmes abordés reflètent les différentes orientations scientifiques des membres de la Faculté: économie politique, gestion d'entreprise, informatique de gestion, méthodes quantitatives, sciences sociales et sciences des médias et de la communication. Le contenu de ces travaux n'engage que la responsabilité de leurs auteurs.

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Université de Fribourg

Local debt: from budget responsibility to fiscal discipline

Dafflon, Bernard

(Working Papers SES ; 417)

In the past thirty years, local governments in most European countries have been granted at least limited access to borrowing. The rules in force include limitations on the amount of borrowing and/or debt service, restrictions on the purpose of debt and on borrowing from foreign institutions and/or from the central bank. The description of these rules and sanctions constitute the thrust of...

Université de Fribourg

Does International Mobility of High-Skilled Workers Aggravate Between-Country Inequality ?

Grossmann, Volker ; Stadelmann, David

(Working Papers SES ; 416)

This paper analyzes the interaction of international migration of high-skilled labor and relative wage income between source and destination economies of expatriates. We develop an overlapping-generations model with increasing returns which suggests that international integration of the market for skilled labor aggravates between-country inequality by harming those which are source economies to...

Université de Fribourg

Wage Effects of High-skilled Migration: International Evidence

Grossmann, Volker ; Stadelmann, David

(Working Papers SES ; 415)

This paper argues that international migration of high-skilled workers triggers productivity effects at the macro level such that the wage rate of skilled workers may well rise in host countries and decline in source countries. We exploit a recent data set on international bilateral migration flows and provide evidence which is consistent with this hypothesis. In order to identify the causal...

Université de Fribourg

Quantifying Optimal Growth Policy

Grossmann, Volker ; Steger, Thomas M. ; Trimborn, Timo

(Working Papers SES ; 414)

The optimal mix of growth policies is determined within a comprehensive endogenous growth model. The analysis captures important elements of the tax-transfer system and accounts for transitional dynamics. Currently, for calculating corporate taxable income US firms are allowed to deduct approximately all oft heircapital and R&D costs from sales revenue. Our analysis suggests that this policy...

Université de Fribourg

Does High-Skilled Migration Affect Publicly Financed Investments ?

Grossmann, Volker ; Stadelmann, David

(Working Papers SES ; 413)

This paper analyzes the interaction between migration of high-skilled labor and publicly financed investment. We develop a theoretical model with multiple, ex ante identical jurisdictions where individuals decide on education and subsequent emigration. Migration decisions are based on differences in net income across jurisdictions which endogenously may occur. The interaction between income...

Université de Fribourg

Strategie unter Unsicherheit

Rohe, Anna ; Grünig, Rudolf

(Working Papers SES ; 412)

Unsicherheit und Wandel sind heute beinahe Selbstverständlichkeiten. Trotzdem stellen sie die Unternehmen vor grosse Herausforderungen. Insbesondere die langfristige strategische Ausrichtung ist im Kontext von Unsicherheit und Wandel eine anspruchsvolle Aufgabenstellung. Das vorliegende Working Paper basiert auf zwei Artikeln zu Unsicherheit, Branchenwandel und strategischem Verhalten. Es setzt...

Université de Fribourg

Privatisation des Industries de Réseaux et développement durable: le cas du Cameroun

Biwolé Fouda, Jean

(Working Papers SES ; 410)

L'objectif de cet article est de décrire les réformes engagées dans les industries de réseaux au Cameroun et de les analyser par rapport à l'approche néo-institutionnelle. Il apparait que ces mutations ont connu des formes spécifiques dans ce contexte, au point de faire courir un risque sur le développement durable de ces industries, notamment dans les segments non concurrentiels. Nous...

Université de Fribourg

Les rachats d'actions en Suisse. Objectifs, conséquences et pratiques

Isakov, Dušan ; Dumont, Pierre-André

(Working Papers SES ; 408)

Les rachats d'actions sont autorisés depuis plus de quinze ans en Suisse. Cet article propose une analyse des rachats dans le contexte institutionnel, fiscal et juridique helvétique. Après avoir décrit les principales techniques de rachat à disposition des entreprises et les objectifs visés par une telle opération, ce travail analyse l'effet des rachats sur les ratios financiers et la...

Université de Fribourg

Encyclical Letter "Caritas in Veritate": An Economist's Reading

Dembinski, Paul H.

(Working Papers SES ; 422)

On the 29 of June 2009, the Pope Benedict XVIth published Caritas in Veritate, his third encyclical letter. It was addressed to the clergy but also to “lay faithful and all people of good will”. In the two papers assembled here under one single title, the author enters in dialogue with the Papal encyclical from the perspective of an economist interested in ethical issues related specially to...

Université de Fribourg

Technical Analysis with a Long-Term Perspective: Trading Strategies and Market Timing Ability

Isakov, Dušan ; Marti, Didier

(Working Papers SES ; 421)

This paper extends the literature on the profitability of technical analysis in three directions. First, we investigate the performance of complex trading rules based on moving averages computed over longer periods than those usually considered. Different trading rules are simulated on daily prices of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index and we find that trading rules are more profitable when...