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Université de Neuchâtel

Towards the biocontrol of bindweeds with a mycoherbicide

Défago, G. ; Ammon, H. U. ; Cagán, L. ; Draeger, B. ; Greaves, M. P. ; Guntli, D. ; Hoeke, D. ; Klimes, L. ; Lawrie, J. ; Moënne-Loccoz, Y. ; Nicolet, B. ; Pfirter, H. A. ; Tabacchi, Raphael ; Tóth, P.

In: BioControl, 2001, vol. 46, no. 2, p. 157-173

Within the framework of the European COST Action 816, afive-year collaboration between scientists from five Europeancountries has made an important contribution to biologicalcontrol of field and hedge bindweeds (Convolvulus arvensis and Calystegia sepium, respectively). A fungus Stagonosporaconvolvuli strain LA39, able to infect both field and hedgebindweed, was found in the...

Université de Neuchâtel

White lupin has developed a complex strategy to limit microbial degradation of secreted citrate required for phosphate acquisition

Weisskopf, Laure ; Abou-Mansour, Eliane ; Fromin, Nathalie ; Tomasi, Nicola ; Santelia, Diana ; Edelkott, Iris ; Neumann, Günter ; Aragno, Michel ; Tabacchi, Raphael ; Martinoia, Enrico

In: Plant, Cell & Environment, 2006, vol. 29, no. 5, p. 917-927

White lupins (Lupinus albus L.) respond to phosphate deficiency by producing special root structures called cluster roots. These cluster roots secrete large amounts of carboxylates into the rhizosphere, mostly citrate and malate, which act as phosphate solubilizers and enable the plant to grow in soils with sparingly available phosphate. The success and efficiency of such a P-acquisition...

Université de Fribourg

Is beta still alive? : Conclusive evidence from the Swiss stock market

Isakov, Dušan

In: The European Journal of Finance

Recent evidence by Fama and French (1992,1996) and others shows that betas and returns are not related empirically. They interpret this as evidence against the validity of the capital asset pricing model and they conclude that the beta is not a good measure of risk. This paper claims that usual tests do not leave much opportunity for beta to appear as a useful variable capable of explaining...

Université de Neuchâtel

Causes et rythmes du changement langagier en Occident Latin (IIIe-VIIIe s.)

Banniard, Michel

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2001, vol. 34-35, p. 85-99

Université de Neuchâtel

Parenté génétique et correspondances phonétiques. A propos du proto-mondial

Jucquois, Guy

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2001, vol. 34-35, p. 59-84

Université de Neuchâtel

Phonétique évolutive et réfections analogiques (le cas du grec)

Mawet, Francine

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2001, vol. 34-35, p. 47-57