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Université de Genève

Characterization of a new response to bacterial pore-forming toxin that promotes cell survival in a caspase-1 dependent activation of SREBPs

Gurcel, Laure ; Gisou van der Goot, Françoise (Dir.) ; Gruenberg, Jean (Codir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Genève, 2006 ; Sc. 3801.

Many pathogenic organisms produce poreforming toxins as virulence factors. Target cells however mount a response to such membrane damage. Here we show that toxin-induced membrane permeabilization leads to a decrease in cytoplasmic potassium, which promotes the formation of a multiprotein oligomeric innate immune complex, called the inflammasome, and the activation of caspase-1. Further, we find...