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Université de Neuchâtel

Soil chemistry changes beneath decomposing cadavers over a one-year period

Szelecz, Ildikò ; Koenig, Isabelle ; Seppey, Christophe V. W ; Le Bayon, Renée-Claire ; Mitchell, Edward A. D

In: Forensic Science International, 2018, vol. 286, p. 155-165

Decomposing vertebrate cadavers release large, localized inputs of nutrients. These temporally limited resource patches affect nutrient cycling and soil organisms. The impact of decomposing cadavers on soil chemistry is relevant to soil biology, as a natural disturbance, and forensic science, to estimate the postmortem interval. However, cadaver impacts on soils are rarely studied, making it...

Université de Neuchâtel

Can soil testate amoebae be used for estimating the time since death? : A field experiment in a deciduous forest

Szelecz, Ildikò ; Fournier, Bertrand ; Seppey, Christophe ; Amendt, Jens ; Mitchell, Edward

In: Forensic Science International, 2014, vol. 236, p. 90-98

Estimation of the post-mortem interval (PMI, the time interval between death and recovery of a body) can be crucial in solving criminal cases. Today minimum PMI calculations rely mainly on medical and entomological evidence. However, beyond 4–6 weeks even entomological methods become less accurate. Thus additional tools are needed. Cadaveric fluids released by decomposing cadavers modify the...