Université de Fribourg

Puckering behavior in six new phosphoric triamides containing aliphatic six- and seven-membered ring groups and a database survey of analogous ring-containing structures

Alviri, Banafsheh Vahdani ; Pourayoubi, Mehrdad ; Saneei, Anahid ; Keikha, Mojtaba ; Lee, Arie van der ; Crochet, Aurélien ; Ajees, A. Abdul ; Nečas, Marek ; Fromm, Katharina M. ; Damodaran, Krishnan ; Jenny, Titus A.

In: Tetrahedron, 2018, vol. 74, no. 1, p. 28–41

The influence of a N heteroatom on the ring conformations of six- and seven- membered aliphatic rings in six new C(O)NHP(O)-based phosphoric triamide structures (analysed by X-ray crystallography) is investigated. Additionally the influence of steric and crystal packing effects is also studied by the analysis of Hirshfeld surfaces. The results are compared to analogous structures with three-...

Université de Fribourg

The first phospho­ramide-mercury(II) complex with a Cl₂Hg-OP[N(C)(C)]₃ segment

Saneei, Anahid ; Pourayoubi, Mehrdad ; Crochet, Aurelien ; Fromm, Katharina M.

In: Acta Crystallographica C, 2016, vol. 72, p. 230-233

Mercury(II) exhibits a strong preference for linear coordination which has been attributed to relativistic effects splitting the 6p orbitals and promoting sp hybridization. If the two ligands attached to the mercury(II) ion are weak donors, the metal ion can act as a good Lewis acid and expand its coordination number. Moreover, mercury has a special affinity for softer bases,...

Université de Fribourg

Two new organotin(IV)-phosphoryl complexes: crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis

Pourayoubi, Mehrdad ; Saneei, Anahid ; Dušek, Michal ; Rostami, Soobiyeh Alemi ; Crochet, Aurélien ; Kučeraková, Monika

In: Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, 2015, vol. 12, no. 12, p. 2093–2103

Hirshfeld surfaces and two-dimensional fingerprint plots are used to visualize and analyse intermolecular interactions in two new organotin(IV)-phosphoryl complexes: [Sn(CH₃)₂[OP(O)(OCH₃)₂]₂]n (I) and {[(4-CH₃)C₆H₄NH][C₅H₉(4-CH₃)N]₂P(O)}Sn(CH₃)₂Cl₂ (II). In (I), the asymmetric unit is composed of the Sn(CH₃)₂[OP(O)(OCH₃)₂]₂ segment bonded to the...