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Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Monthly trends and the corresponding altitudinal shift in the snowfall/precipitation day ratio

Serquet, Gaëlle ; Marty, Christoph ; Rebetez, Martine

In: Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2013, vol. 114, no. 3-4, p. 437-444

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Detecting and correcting sensor drifts in long-term weather data

von Arx, Georg ; Dobbertin, Matthias ; Rebetez, Martine

In: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2013, vol. 185, no. 6, p. 4483-4489

Médiathèque Valais

Le climat suisse des dernières décennies

Rebetez, Martine

In: Blätter aus der Walliser Geschichte, 41/2009/161