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Overcoming sexual sterility in conservation of endangered species: the prominent role of biotechnology in the multiplication of Zelkova sicula (Ulmaceae), a relict tree at the brink of extinction

Carra, Angela ; Catalano, Caterina ; Badalamenti, Ornella ; Carimi, Francesco ; Pasta, Salvatore ; Motisi, Antonio ; Abbate, Loredana ; La Bella, Francesca ; Fazan, Laurence ; Kozlowski, Gregor ; Garfì, Giuseppe

In: Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC), 2019, vol. 137, no. 1, p. 139–148

Biotechnology provides valuable tools to support conservation of plant species, especially in case of threatened taxa or when dealing with seed unavailability, low viability or sterility. However, plant cell culture methods have often to face problems associated with tissue recalcitrance to in vitro systems. Recalcitrance can be related to a variety of triggering factors, involving many...

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The ongoing naturalisation of Eucalyptus spp. in the Mediterranean Basin: new threats to native species and habitats

Badalamenti, Emilio ; Cusimano, D. ; Mantia, Tommaso La ; Pasta, Salvatore ; Romano, S. ; Troia, Angelo ; Ilardi, V.

In: Australian Forestry, 2018, vol. 81, no. 4, p. 239–249

The genus Eucalyptus has been widely introduced into many regions of the world outside its native range and has become invasive in some Mediterranean biomes (e.g. in southern Africa and California). In the Mediterranean Basin and Europe, eucalypts were introduced at the end of the 18th century. However, natural regeneration events in these regions are recent in time and limited in terms of...

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Pine stand density influences the regeneration of Acacia saligna (Labill.) H.L.Wendl. and native woody species in a mediterranean coastal pine plantation

Badalamenti, Emilio ; da Silveira Bueno, Rafael ; Campo, Olimpia ; Gallo, Martina ; La Mela Veca, Donato Salvatore ; Pasta, Salvatore ; Sala, Giovanna ; La Mantia, Tommaso

In: Forests, 2018, vol. 9, no. 6, p. 359

Mediterranean plantations are the most suitable areas to assess vegetation dynamics and competitive interactions between native and exotic woody species. Our research was carried out in a coastal pine plantation (Sicily) where renaturalization by native species (Pistacia lentiscus L. and Olea europaea var. sylvestris) and invasion by Acacia saligna (Labill.) H.L.Wendl. simultaneously occur....

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Checklist of gypsophilous vascular flora in Italy

Musarella, Carmelo Maria ; Mendoza-Fernández, Antonio Jesús ; Mota, Juan Francisco ; Alessandrini, Alessandro ; Bacchetta, Gianluigi ; Brullo, Salvatore ; Caldarella, Orazio ; Ciaschetti, Giampiero ; Conti, Fabio ; Martino, Luciano Di ; Falci, Amedeo ; Gianguzzi, Lorenzo ; Guarino, Riccardo ; Manzi, Aurelio ; Minissale, Pietro ; Montanari, Sergio ; Pasta, Salvatore ; Peruzzi, Lorenzo ; Podda, Lina ; Sciandrello, Saverio ; Scuderi, Leonardo ; Troia, Angelo ; Spampinato, Giovanni

In: PhytoKeys, 2018, vol. 103, p. 61–82

Our understanding of the richness and uniqueness of the flora growing on gypsum substrates in Italy has grown significantly since the 19th century and, even today, new plant species are still being discovered. However, the plants and plant communities, growing on gypsum substrates in Italy, are still a relatively unknown subject. The main aim of this paper was to elaborate a checklist of the...

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The alien vascular flora of Linosa (Pelagie Islands, Strait of Sicily): update and management proposals

Pasta, Salvatore ; Ardenghi, Nicola M. G. ; Badalamenti, Emilio ; Mantia, Tommaso La ; Console, Salvatore Livreri ; Parolo, Gilberto

In: Willdenowia, 2017, vol. 47, no. 2, p. 135–144

This paper provides an up-to-date overview of the naturalized alien plants of Linosa (Pelagie Archipelago, Sicily), which includes 83 taxa and accounts for 29 % of the total island's flora. Among these plants, 6 are invasive, 49 are naturalized and 28 are casual. With respect to previous available data, our field investigations resulted in the addition of 31 new xenophytes (21 casual and 10...

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Holocene vegetation and fire history of the mountains of Northern Sicily (Italy)

Tinner, Willy ; Vescovi, Elisa ; Leeuwen, Jacqueline F. N. van ; Colombaroli, Daniele ; Henne, Paul D. ; Kaltenrieder, Petra ; Morales-Molino, César ; Beffa, Giorgia ; Gnaegi, Bettina ; Knaap, W. O. van der ; Mantia, Tommaso La ; Pasta, Salvatore

In: Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 2016, vol. 25, no. 5, p. 499–519

Knowledge about vegetation and fire history of the mountains of Northern Sicily is scanty. We analysed five sites to fill this gap and used terrestrial plant macrofossils to establish robust radiocarbon chronologies. Palynological records from Gorgo Tondo, Gorgo Lungo, Marcato Cixé, Urgo Pietra Giordano and Gorgo Pollicino show that under natural or near natural conditions, deciduous forests...