Université de Neuchâtel

Self-organisation of dodeca-dendronized fullerene into supramolecular discs and helical columns containing a nanowire-like core

Guerra, Sebastiano ; Iehl, Julien ; Holler, Michel ; Peterca, Mihai ; Wilson, Daniela A ; Partridge, Benjamin E ; Zhang, Shaodong ; Deschenaux, Robert ; Nierengarten, Jean-Francois ; Percec, Virgil

In: Chemical Science, 2015, vol. 6, no. 6, p. 3393-3401

Twelve chiral and achiral self-assembling dendrons have been grafted onto a [60]fullerene hexa-adduct core by copper-catalyzed alkyne azide "click" cycloaddition. The structure adopted by these compounds was determined by the self-assembling peripheral dendrons. These twelve dendrons mediate the self-organisation of the dendronized [60]fullerene into a disc-shaped structure containing the...

Université de Neuchâtel

Building liquid crystals from the 5-fold symmetrical pillar[5]arene core

Nierengarten, Iwona ; Guerra, Sebastiano ; Holler, Michel ; Nierengarten, Jean-Francois ; Deschenaux, Robert

In: Chemical Communications, 2012, vol. 48, no. 65, p. 8072-8074

Comparison of the liquid-crystalline properties of a pillar[5]arene core functionalized with 10 mesogenic cyanobiphenyl units with those of a corresponding model compound revealed the strong influence of the macrocyclic pillar[5]arene core on the mesomorphic properties.