Université de Fribourg

Temporal mapping of photochemical reactions and molecular excited states with carbon specificity

Wang, K. ; Murahari, P. ; Yokoyama, K. ; Lord, J. S. ; Pratt, F. L. ; He, J. ; Schulz, Leander ; Willis, M. ; Anthony, J. E. ; Morley, N. A. ; Nuccio, Laura ; Misquitta, A. ; Dunstan, D. J. ; Shimomura, K. ; Watanabe, I. ; Zhang, S. ; Heathcote, P. ; Drew, Alan J.

In: Nature Materials, 2017, vol. 16, no. 4, p. 467–473

Photochemical reactions are essential to a large number of important industrial and biological processes. A method for monitoring photochemical reaction kinetics and the dynamics of molecular excitations with spatial resolution within the active molecule would allow a rigorous exploration of the pathway and mechanism of photophysical and photochemical processes. Here we demonstrate that...

Université de Fribourg

Future directions of μSR—laser excitation

Yokoyama, K. ; Murahari, P. ; Heathcote, P. ; Nuccio, Laura ; Lord, J. S. ; Morley, N. A. ; Drew, Alan J.

In: Physica Scripta, 2014, vol. 88, no. 6, p. 068511

We discuss the general principles of laser-excited muon pump–probe spin spectroscopy (photo-μSR), including the historical origins of the technique, and discuss the overall experimental method. We review examples of past work using this technique, then discuss the future upgrade of the HiFi spectrometer with a high-power laser system. In particular, we note that performing photo-μSR...