Université de Fribourg

Hepatic mitochondrial energetics during catch-Up fat with high-Fat diets rich in lard or safflower oil

Crescenzo, Raffaella ; Bianco, Francesca ; Falcone, Italia ; Tsalouhidou, Sofia ; Yepuri, Gayathri ; Mougios, Vassilis ; Dulloo, Abdul G. ; Liverini, Giovanna ; Iossa, Susanna

In: Obesity, 2011, p. -

We have investigated whether altered hepatic mitochondrial energetics could explain the differential effects of high-fat diets with low or high ω6 polyunsaturated fatty acid content (lard vs. safflower oil) on the efficiency of body fat recovery (catch-up fat) during refeeding after caloric restriction. After 2 weeks of caloric restriction, rats were isocalorically refed with a low-fat diet (LF)...