Université de Fribourg

Statistical mechanics of competitive resource allocation using agent-based models

Chakraborti, Anirban ; Challet, Damien ; Chatterjee, Arnab ; Marsili, Matteo ; Zhang, Yi-Cheng ; Chakrabarti, Bikas K.

In: Physics Reports, 2015, vol. 552, p. 1–25

Demand outstrips available resources in most situations, which gives rise to competition, interaction and learning. In this article, we review a broad spectrum of multi-agent models of competition (El Farol Bar problem, Minority Game, Kolkata Paise Restaurant problem, Stable marriage problem, Parking space problem and others) and the methods used to understand them analytically. We emphasize the...

Université de Fribourg

Dynamical instabilities in a simple minority game with discounting

Challet, Damien ; De Martino, Andrea ; Marsili, Matteo

In: Journal of Statistical Mecanics, Theory and Experiment (2008) L04004

We explore the effect of discounting and experimentation in a simple model of interacting adaptive agents. Agents belong to either of two types and each has to decide whether to participate a game or not, the game being profitable when there is an excess of players of the other type. We find the emergence of large fluctuations as a result of the onset of a dynamical instability which may arise...