Université de Neuchâtel

Early Word Recognition in Sentence Context: French and English 24-Month-Olds' Sensitivity to Sentence-Medial Mispronunciations and Assimilations

Skoruppa, Katrin ; Mani, Nivedita ; Plunkett, Kim ; Cabrol, Dominique ; Peperkamp, Sharon

In: Infancy, 2013, vol. 18, no. 6, p. 1007-1029

Recent work has shown that young children can use fine phonetic detail during the recognition of isolated and sentence-final words from early in lexical development. The present study investigates 24-month-olds' word recognition in sentence-medial position in two experiments using an Intermodal Preferential Looking paradigm. In Experiment 1, French toddlers detect word-final voicing...

Université de Neuchâtel

Toddlers’ Processing of Phonological Alternations: Early Compensation for Assimilation in English and French

Skoruppa, Katrin ; Mani, Nivedita ; Peperkamp, Sharon

In: Child Development, 2012, vol. 84, no. 1, p. 313-330

Using a picture pointing task, this study examines toddlers’ processing of phonological alternations that trigger sound changes in connected speech. Three experiments investigate whether 2;5- to 3-year-old children take into account assimilations—processes by which phonological features of one sound spread to adjacent sounds—for the purpose of word recognition (e.g., in English, ten pounds...