Université de Neuchâtel

Combined use of herbivore-induced plant volatiles and sex pheromones for mate location in braconid parasitoids

Xu, Hao ; Desurmont, Gaylord ; Degen, Thomas ; Zhou, Guoxin ; Laplanche, Diane ; Henryk, Luka ; Turlings, Ted C.J

In: Plant, Cell and Environment, 2017, vol. 40, no. 3, p. 330-339

Herbivore-induced plant volatiles (HIPVs) are important cues for female parasitic wasps to find hosts. Here, we investigated the possibility that HIPVs may also serve parasitoids as cues to locate mates. To test this, the odour preferences of four braconid wasps – the gregarious parasitoid Cotesia glomerata (L.) and the solitary parasitoids Cotesia marginiventris (Cresson),...