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Université de Fribourg

The dynamics of university units as a multi-level process. Credibility cycles and resource dependencies

Lepori, Benedetto ; Wise, Michael ; Ingenhoff, Diana ; Buhmann, Alexander

In: Scientometrics, 2016, vol. 109, no. 3, p. 2279–2301

This paper presents an analysis of resource acquisition and profile development of institutional units within universities. We conceptualize resource acquisition as a two level nested process, where units compete for external resources based on their credibility, but at the same time are granted faculty positions from the larger units (department) to which they belong. Our model implies that the...

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Université de Fribourg

Legitimacy through CSR disclosures? The advantage outweighs the disadvantages

Bachmann, Philipp ; Ingenhoff, Diana

In: Public Relations Review, 2016, vol. 42, no. 3, p. 386-394

Université de Fribourg

Safeguarding reputation through strategic, integrated and situational crisis communication management : development of the integrative model of crisis communication

Thiessen, Ansgar ; Ingenhoff, Diana

In: Corporate communications: an international journal, 2011, vol. 16, no. 1, p. 8-26

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to address the often missing theoretical foundation of crisis communication from an integrated perspective on the micro, meso and macro level. Based on the theory of structuration, a systematic, integrative framework is developed for safeguarding organizational legitimization and multidimensional reputation through communication during crisis situations...

Université de Fribourg

Dimensions of diversity : mapping the field of media and communication studies by combining cognitive and material dimensions

Buhmann, Alexander ; Ingenhoff, Diana ; Lepori, Benedetto

In: Communications, 2015, vol. 40, no. 3, p. 267-293

In this study we empirically map the field of media and communication studies (MCS) by focusing on relationships between cognitive dimensions (such as research topics and approaches) on the one hand and material dimensions (such as funding and institutionalization) on the other. Our analysis, which focuses on the field of MCS in Switzerland, identifies two clusters of research institutions...

Université de Fribourg

The 4D Model of the country image : an integrative approach from the perspective of communication management

Buhmann, Alexander ; Ingenhoff, Diana

In: The International communication gazette, 2015, vol. 77, no. 1, p. 102-124

This conceptual article proposes a new integrative model of the country image by drawing on advances from the fields of business studies, social psychology, political science, and communication science. To interrelate different approaches, a communication management perspective is applied, providing a basic terminological framework systemizing the central constructs of country image, country...

Université de Fribourg

The rehabilitation of the “nation variable” : links between corporate communications and the cultural context in five countries

Hoffmann, Jochen ; Röttger, Ulrike ; Ingenhoff, Diana ; Hamidati, Anis

In: Corporate communications: an international journal, 2015, vol. 20, no. 4, p. 483-499

Purpose – Despite an impressive body of international research, there is a lack of empirical evidence describing the ways in which organisational environments influence the practices of corporate communications (CC). A cross-cultural survey in five countries contributes to closing this research gap. The paper aims to discuss this issue. Design/methodology/approach – What makes the research...

Université de Fribourg

Communication management on social networking sites : Stakeholder motives and usage types of corporate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages

Ruehl, Christopher Hendrik ; Ingenhoff, Diana

In: Journal of communication management, 2015, vol. 19, no. 3, p. 288-302

Purpose – Over the last years, many corporations have started to maintain profile pages on social networking sites (SNS), but research on how and why organizational stakeholders use these profile pages has not kept pace. The paper aims to discuss these issues. Design/methodology/approach – The study applies a combined perspective of uses-andgratifications (U&G) and social cognitive theory...

Université de Fribourg

Under positive pressure : how stakeholder pressure affects corporate social responsibility implementation

Helmig, Bernd ; Spraul, Katharina ; Ingenhoff, Diana

In: Business & society, 2016, vol. 55, no. 2, p. 151-187

This study tests a model that links stakeholder pressure to the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and market performance. Stakeholder groups and competitors might exert pressure on companies to implement CSR, which could lead to positive effects on market performance. Using structural equation modeling (SEM), the authors find that stakeholders and competitors...