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Diaceratherium lemanense (rhinocerotidae) from Eschenbach (eastern Switzerland) : systematics, palaeoecology, palaeobiogeography

Becker, Damien

In: Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Palaeontologie. Abhandlungen, 2009, vol. 254, no. 1-2, p. 5-39

Université de Fribourg

Evolutionary history of hoofed mammals during the Oligocene–Miocene transition in Western Europe

Scherler, Laureline ; Mennecart, Bastien ; Hiard, Florent ; Becker, Damien

In: Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 2013, vol. 106, no. 2, p. 349–369

The biostratigraphy and diversity patterns of terrestrial, hoofed mammals help to understand the transition between the Palaeogene and the Neogene in Western Europe. Three phases are highlighted: (1) the beginning of the Arvernian (Late Oligocene, MP25-27) was characterised by a “stable” faunal composition including the last occurrences of taxa inherited from the Grande Coupure and of newly...