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Fine manual dexterity assessment after autologous neural cell ecosystem (ANCE) transplantation in a non-human primate model of parkinson’s disease

Borgognon, Simon ; Cottet, Jérôme ; Moret, Véronique ; Chatagny, Pauline ; Carrara, Laura ; Fregosi, Michela ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Brunet, Jean-François ; Rouiller, Eric M. ; Badoud, Simon

In: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2019, vol. 33, no. 7, p. 553–567

Autologous neural cell ecosystem (ANCE) transplantation improves motor recovery in MPTP monkeys. These motor symptoms were assessed using semi-quantitative clinical rating scales, widely used in many studies. However, limitations in terms of sensitivity, combined with relatively subjective assessment of their different items, make inter-study comparisons difficult to achieve. Objective. The...

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Corticotectal projections from the premotor or primary motor cortex after cortical lesion or parkinsonian symptoms in adult macaque monkeys: a pilot tracing study

Fregosi, Michela ; Contestabile, Alessandro ; Badoud, Simon ; Borgognon, Simon ; Cottet, Jérôme ; Brunet, Jean-François ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Schwab, Martin E. ; Rouiller, Eric M.

In: Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 2019, vol. 13, p. -

The corticotectal projections, together with the corticobulbar (corticoreticular) projections, work in parallel with the corticospinal tract (CST) to influence motoneurons in the spinal cord both directly and indirectly via the brainstem descending pathways. The tectospinal tract (TST) originates in the deep layers of the superior colliculus. In the present study, we analyzed the...

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Effects of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex lesion on motor habit and performance assessed with manual grasping and control of force in macaque monkeys

Badoud, Simon ; Borgognon, Simon ; Cottet, Jérôme ; Chatagny, Pauline ; Moret, Véronique ; Fregosi, Michela ; Kaeser, Mélanie ; Fortis, Ekaterina ; Schmidlin, Eric ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Brunet, Jean-François ; Rouiller, Eric M.

In: Brain Structure and Function, 2017, vol. 222, no. 3, p. 1193–1206

In the context of an autologous adult neural cell ecosystem (ANCE) transplantation study, four intact adult female macaque monkeys underwent a unilateral biopsy of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) to provide the cellular material needed to obtain the ANCE. Monkeys were previously trained to perform quantitative motor (manual dexterity) tasks, namely, the “modified-Brinkman...

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Scan without evidence of dopaminergic deficit: A 10-year retrospective study

Nicastro, Nicolas ; Garibotto, Valentina ; Badoud, Simon ; Burkhard, Pierre R.

In: Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, 2016, vol. 31, p. 53–58

123I-ioflupane SPECT is a powerful method to assess nigrostriatal dopamine system integrity. Several independent studies have shown that 1–15% of patients with suspected degenerative parkinsonism, mainly PD, have scans without evidence of dopaminergic deficit (SWEDD). It has been proposed that most SWEDD patients either present with a non-degenerative condition mimicking PD, such as...

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Establishing on-site reference values for 123I-FP-CIT SPECT (DaTSCAN®) using a cohort of individuals with non-degenerative conditions

Nicastro, Nicolas ; Garibotto, Valentina ; Poncet, Antoine ; Badoud, Simon ; Burkhard, Pierre R.

In: Molecular Imaging and Biology, 2016, vol. 18, no. 2, p. 302–312

To overcome the issue of reference values for DaTSCAN® requiring healthy controls, we propose an original approach using scans from individuals with non- degenerative conditions performed at one single center following the same acquisition protocol. Procedures: From a cohort of 970 consecutive patients, we identified 182 patients with a clinical diagnosis of non-degenerative parkinsonism or...

Université de Fribourg

Distinct spatiotemporal patterns for disease duration and stage in Parkinson’s disease

Badoud, Simon ; Nicastro, Nicolas ; Garibotto, Valentina ; Burkhard, Pierre R. ; Haller, Sven

In: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2016, vol. 43, no. 3, p. 509–516

Purpose: To assess correlations between the degree of dopaminergic depletion measured using single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and different clinical parameters of disease progression in Parkinson’s disease (PD).Methods: This retrospective study included 970 consecutive patients undergoing ¹²³I-ioflupane SPECT scans in our institution between 2003 and 2013, from which we...

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Distinction between hand dominance and hand preference in primates: a behavioral investigation of manual dexterity in nonhuman primates (macaques) and human subjects

Chatagny, Pauline ; Badoud, Simon ; Kaeser, Mélanie ; Gindrat, Anne-Dominique ; Savidan, Julie ; Fregosi, Michela ; Moret, Véronique ; Roulin, Christine ; Schmidlin, Eric ; Rouiller, Eric M.

In: Brain and Behavior, 2013, vol. 3, no. 5, p. 575–595

The present study aimed to determine and confront hand preference (hand chosen in priority to perform a manual dexterity task) and hand dominance (hand with best motor performance) in eight macaques (Macaca fascicularis) and in 20 human subjects (10 left-handers and 10 right-handers).Methods: Four manual dexterity tests have been executed by the monkeys, over several weeks during learning and...