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Université de Fribourg

The serotonergic central nervous system of the drosophila larva: anatomy and behavioral function

Huser, Annina ; Rohwedder, Astrid ; Apostolopoulou, Anthi A. ; Widmann, Annekathrin ; Pfitzenmaier, Johanna E. R. ; Maiolo, Elena M. ; Selcho, Mareike ; Pauls, Dennis ; Essen, Alina von ; Gupta, Tripti ; Sprecher, Simon G. ; Birman, Serge ; Riemensperger, Thomas ; Stocker, Reinhard F. ; Thum, Andreas S.

In: PLoS ONE, 2012, vol. 7, no. 10, p. e47518

The Drosophila larva has turned into a particularly simple model system for studying the neuronal basis of innate behaviors and higher brain functions. Neuronal networks involved in olfaction, gustation, vision and learning and memory have been described during the last decade, often up to the single-cell level. Thus, most of these sensory networks are substantially defined, from the sensory...

Université de Fribourg

Electric shock-induced associative olfactory learning in Drosophila larvae

Pauls, Dennis ; Pfitzenmaier, Johanna E.R. ; Krebs-Wheaton, Rebecca ; Selcho, Mareike ; Stocker, Reinhard F. ; Thum, Andreas S.

In: Chemical Senses, 2010, p. -

Associative plasticity is a basic essential attribute of nervous systems. As shown by numerous reports, Drosophila is able to establish simple forms of appetitive and aversive olfactory associations at both larval and adult stages. Whereas most adult studies on aversive learning employed electric shock as a negative reinforcer, larval paradigms essentially utilized gustatory stimuli to...