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ImageCLEF 2013: the vision, the data and the open challenges

Caputo Barbara ; Müller Henning ; Thomee Bart ; Villegas Mauricio ; Paredes Roberto ; Zellhöfer David ; Goeau Hervé ; Joly Alexis ; Bonnet Pierre ; Gomez Jesus Martinez ; Varea I. Garcia ; Cazorla Miguel

In: Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, Proceedings of CLEF 2013, 2013, vol. 8138, p. 250-268

This paper presents an overview of the ImageCLEF 2013 lab. Since its first edition in 2003, ImageCLEF has become one of the key initiative promoting the benchmark evaluation of algorithms for the cross-language annotation and retrieval of images in various domains, from public and personal photo collections to medical images, to data acquired by mobile robot platforms to botanic collections. Over...